my experience w/ 1st graders

bluetruck99(z8)April 14, 2005

having worked with every first grader in putnam county tennessee this week at the "Ag in the Classroom" teaching them the joys of horticulture i can tell you 2 things i discovered:

when asked what flowers they like to plant in the yard at least one in 10 will tell you dandilion! (i explained that we dont plant these but they are a fun plant)

also kids freak out about watermellon! we showed them some diferent fruits and vegetables and they like carrots and green beans, but watermellon was by far the best!

we also got some cute answers to our questions-

"Why do we plant trees in our yard?" "because we'd all be smokers if we didnt!"

overall it was fun but i dont think i'll be changing my college major from hort to education anytime soon. thanks for reading my post ~Ryan

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DurtyKneez(z7Joshua, TX)

Ryan -
C'mon - admit it - you had as much fun as the kids!!
Yep - first grade is a magic time. You will never know what a difference you might have made for one of those children - a door opened, a possibility 'planted'. . .
"Ag in the Classroom" sounds like a great program. Is it part of a specific college course you are taking?
Thanks for sharing with us.

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joolz(z6 NJ)

Every year, the first graders at my local elementary school walk over to my house (one class at a time) to see my trees. Before they come over, the teacher shares my Web site with the class so the children can see what the trees looked like when they were young. By far, the biggest "hit" is the pictures that seem to show my house getting smaller as the trees get bigger! They also seem to be fascinated by pictures of the same tree in different seasons. Well, so am I.

We are all educators in one way or another. Thanks, Ryan, for being so generous with your time and talent!

Here is a link that might be useful: A Tree Grower's Diary

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