young kids dont eat healthy? get a pet rabbit.

jersgirl828May 21, 2013

This is the best advice I have ever gotten on my toddlers eating habits.
We got "long ears", my toddler named it, for $10 at a livestock auction.
If my daughter doesn't want to eat a raw carrot, lettuce, tomato, celery, etc. I say "we can't feed long ears someting you won't eat and it needs to eat it to grow big and strong". My daughter says "long ears won't eat it" or "really will long ears eat it?". I feed one to the rabbit and my daughter eats it without a fuss. Best $10 I have spent yet towards my daughters health. And she has got hours of enjoyment out of the rabbit and they are low maintenence animals. They can be litter box trained (like a cat only easier and pine shaving not kitty litter), or put in a large tote, or even an outdoor cage in the dry under the carport or in the shed, I have a friend who put hers in the chicken pen with no isuues. Loving it!

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I've been lurking here for quite a while and had to finally start an account to reply to this. Just wanted to say that your daughter isn't the only one who thought of the very creative name "long ears" for her rabbit. That was my rabbit's name growing up too! I thought I was the only one ;-)

We do something similar to you with our chickens and our 2 year old. "The chickens think lettuce is delicious. Want to give it a try?" Since he's obsessed with the chickens, this is working for now but we might have to get a rabbit down the line too.

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