Trouble with Evergreen Arbovitae

rathagosAugust 14, 2007

I live in West Texas which is very close to a desert climate. Temperatures vary throughout the year from teens in the winter to 100's in the summer.

Three months ago, I planted 4 6-7' Evergreen Arbovitaes. They were planted about 9-10' apart. The first one died within a month. The other three have been fine for the three months, but now all seem to be dying. The leaves/needles are turning yellow, but there is still some green.

My soil is calichy with red clay. I dug a hole for each approximately 2' deep by 3-4' wide. After loosening the root ball, we filled the remaining hole with 90 percent tree and shrub soil.

Because the weather has changed and gotten hotter (about 10-15 degrees) than the previous three months, we have been watering everyday, sometimes twice a day, thinking the plants were initially dying due to lack of water with the increased heat. It has been 4-5 days and there has been no improvement.

Please help!!!! I don't want them all to die. How can I save them?!?

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I believe arborvitae are best planted in fall or winter, during cooler conditions. They must be kept moist whilst they are taking root. I suspect that they like acid conditions, but am not sure of that. You could put a few handfuls of peat moss down on top of the soil and water it in. If you kept your receipt, you might be able to return the trees which died for a refund.

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