What to plant in my borders?(sunset z13)

coronado(z9 Phoenix, AZ)August 19, 2004

Howdy folks! I've got several gravel-filled borders in my west-facing front yard that are crying out for greenery. I'm planning on installing a drip sytem in them and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on plants to put in. I've really been thinking of ornamental grasses and maybe some herbs or shrubs. The plants can't get too big as the borders are mostly only 4' wide and I travel for work so the lowest maintenance necessary the better. Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks- Lou

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kazooie(kapiti coast, NZ)

you may want to post your question on the az gardening forum. there are a lot of people there i bet that will have some ideas.

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coronado(z9 Phoenix, AZ)

Thanks kazooie. I actually did but figured I would broaden my search since I'm sure some folks here would have some good suggestions. - Lou

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CissyCat(z9 AZ)

Try Muhlenbergia, it needs little attention and is very attractive!

Trudi :0)

Here is a link that might be useful: muhly grass

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I like the Lantana. It is happy in arid regions with little water. And it blooms all year.

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There are several varieties of natal plum, a couple of them work very well as short border plants. They have a very dark green, lush look and love our heat. They bloom during the summer and have decorative bright red fruit thru the summer. They are moderate water users and have the added benefit of being a security hedge since they have sharp thorns.

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