first year xeriscape plants watering

nuevomex(5)September 19, 2010

In June we planted our gardens, with the help of an expert from High Country Gardens. We planted over 150 plants. We also SELF installed a drip watering system (lots of FUN here in June!) which has been a lifesaver. The established potintilla (planted last year) all died from too much watering. Unfortunately, being a newbie at this xeriscape gardening and having a fantastic watering system, lead me to believe that ALL my plants would benefit from more watering. Wrong. Same thing happened to the antique roses that were planted 2 years ago, but I cut off the water to them in time.

My husband was offered a temporary job for a year two hours away. We found someone to stay at the house and we alternate, she comes to ABQ about every 3 weeks for the weekend and we go home. She knows virtually nothing about gardening. Had I known we would not be here to oversee our new plants, (too many to list), I would have thought twice, maybe three times about planting so many.But it was done.

So now, it's September and my trusty expert has left the country. I am now watering each bed for 45 min, 3 times a week, 1/2 gallon emitters. Before he left he told me to disconnect the drip irrigation system by the middle of Oct, our first freeze here in N. New Mexico.

My question is, should I cut down the watering now, until mid Oct? And if so, by how much?

Thanks for your help, Susie

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Cut back by dropping one watering a week for the next three weeks.

Next week: M F
Week after that: M

then turn it off and drain it.

Next year, don't water more than once a week for a couple hours each watering ... and the year after that you should be able to water just when it's unusually hot.

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