dianthus blooms have died, plants still healthy

Vicki - MOMay 18, 1999

Hi, I bought some beautiful, bi-color dianthus and planted in my garden, about a week ago. The blooms have died off, but the plants themselves still look healthy and sturdy. What should I do? I thought perhaps cutting back the tops might trigger regrowth of flowers, but I've not worked with this plant before.

Thanks, for any help or insight you can provide.


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IronBelly Mays - 5a - Iowa


Chill out... have a beer... they will start blooming again soon (if not already).


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Becky - 3

Just take your scissors, pruners, and cut back one third of the plant. It will bloom again. And, have a beer!!! I prefer Pina Coladas.

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Well, I have been deadheading, & deadheading, & deadheading, go figure. Mine are going to seed so I thought if I wanted another bloom I should deadhead. Am I wrong? Think I'll have a beer.

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I am in the same boat! My dianthus were so pretty, and then suddenly all the blooms died, and I am wondering WHEN will they bloom again!?! I deadheaded a good bit, but still no noticeable results! I think I'll have a beer too! LOL. Any encouragement would be welcome.

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two_munkeys(z6 ON)

Last year, I tried dianthus for the first time. They were so gorgeous all summer - they never stopped blooming. So, this year, I replaced the snapdragons I normally use for my "low annual hedge" with dianthus. I have a long row of it, about 20'. I sheared mine about 2 weeks ago when the blooming stopped (took about 2" off). Still waiting (with a beer in my hand) for signs of a rebloom; I'm thinking its back to snaps next year.

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Number2of7(Z7 GA)

I have several different varieties of dianthus...my perennial ones put on quite a show early this spring, then kinda went blah when temps in the 90's rolled around. I cut them back all the way to the foliage in mid-June and now they are reblooming.
As far as my annual varieties, I just deadhead continuously and they finally let me know when they've had enough...that's when I leave enough of the dead flowers on it to collect seed for later.

...but I'll pass on the beer! :-)

Good Luck!

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Mary Pantzis 5

I planted 60 perennial dianthus correctly in the sun and they were are bloomig. The blooms have stopped. What do I do to get them started blooming again. What do I do to make them blooms again the plant is heathly. thank you

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