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kek19May 18, 2007

Hi, I'm doing a sunflower house for my kids. I did a search on here and found some old posts about what people would do differently. Right now mines, 11.5' x11.5' I have Mammoth sunflowers planted every foot, and about 4-6" in front, between the mammoth, I have shorter sunflowers planted.

like this:



My question is, in some of the what would I do differently, people said they'd do 2 layers for the walls. Would what I'm doing work well? Or should I plant more between?

Also, I'm doing the morning glories w/ them. But I'm not sure where to plant the moring glories. In front of the mammoths? Oh, and I ws'd both the sunflowers and the morning glories. Right now the sunflowers are oh about 4-6" tall, and my morning glories are 2-5" tall, should I wait until the sunflowers are tall before I plant out the morning glories? Or will it work out, the growing time, if I plant the MG out now w/ the sunflowers already planted?

Any tips or suggestions from anyone who's done this before would be great!!

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I will also be making the house. I can't answer your questions I haven't grown one yet. I found other people using moonflowers too. On a tee pee pole they made forts with morning glories, small gourds, scarlet runner beans and purple hyacinth beans of wich are very pretty. I found this in the what do you grow for fun forum (oklahoma gardening forum) More advice was there on the sunflower house too.

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