Zoo garden - plants with animal names

nuttshell(z7 GA)May 15, 2005

I just wanted to share an idea of the garden in my backyard that belongs to my 8 year old grandson. He wanted a separate garden not just a section of my garden, so we started a Zoo garden. All the plants have animal names and once we got started, we found so many plants the garden is almost full in one season. The plants are : elephant ears, zebra grass, lamb's ear, catch-fly, foxglove, spiderwort, peacock fern, deer fern, ostrich fern, Dalmation bellflower, bird's foot trefoil, wormwood, cranesbill, shrimp plant, bee balm, snakeroot, Ostrich plume astilbe, leopard's bane, fleabane and goatsbeard. I showed my grandson how to plant and take care of them last spring and he remembered so well that this year he helped with potting my annuals. I hope this becomes a good memory for him just like it did for me when my grandmother "started me" becoming an avid gardener. Some photos of the garden are on my webpage, link listed below. Just go to the link for photo albums and then click on "My Garden"

Here is a link that might be useful: Stoney & Jill and Shellnutt Family

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I do not see the "My Garden" link.

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nuttshell(z7 GA)

When you go to the webpage, move over to the right side of the page ( use the bottom arrow to move over to the right) and you will see a link for photo albums. The photos are at that site.

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mayalena(6 - MetroWest Boston)

What a wonderful, creative idea. I hope to borrow it someday! You are giving your grandson a generous, lasting gift. What a good grandmother!

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nuttshell(z7 GA)

Thanks, It has been fun too. In fact, since the garden was full, I got a brainstorm this week and added on to the garden. There was an area adjacent to the bed where we had recently removed a wild crabapple tree and I needed to cover the stump.(I was tired of busting my rear falling on the little crabapples in the lawn) I moved the birdbath over the stump and extended the garden about 12 feet to include the stump. I covered the ground with newspaper and topsoil, then pinestraw. This fall we can add new plants to that area.

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scouttiegirl(z5 -ny)

Hi nuttshell, we also have a zoo garden!
My daughter will be 6 next month and she loves it. Some of the plants we have are: toad lily, teddybear sunflowers, lion's tail, alligator shoes hosta, solomon's seal, pussytoes, pigsqueak, canarybird vine, redfox veronica speedwell, foxglove, porcupine grass, songbird series columbine, agastache honeybee blue and white,sheep's bit, firefly coralbells, elephanthead amaranthus, lambs ear, turtlehead,bunnytails grass, oyster plant, cat's whiskers, spiderflower (cleome), zinnia-polarbear, zinnia-red spider, tiger-eyes viola,yellow tiger lilies,catchfly,monkey flower,rocky mountain bee plant,cardinal flower,whirling butterflies (guara), bear's breeches, butterfly bushes,hens and chicks, hens and chicks poppies,rabbit ears(spanish lavendar) and purple horsemint. We also have edibles like canary melon, green zebra tomato, walking stick kale (like the odd bug called walking stick), baby bear pumpkin, blue-jay blueberries and tiger melon. We even put in a white flowering dogwood tree.
Whew..I think that is everything. We have been very busy with this. We started it about a month ago. We connected it to our shed with one of those small white garden fences. I made a path to circle around it and then put in lots of statues and stepping stones. We also put a bench in there.
Maybe this fall the two of them could exchange seeds for animal named plants from their gardens. When we have finished with ours I will have to post some pics.
We both hope you have a wonderful time in your garden.~Heather

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nuttshell(z7 GA)

Heather, that would be a great idea! jordan is due to visit again in a couple of days and I will show him your post. I am sure he would think it was cool to share some seeds with someone soooooo far away from GA. Plus I am so very jealous that you get to be a stay at home mom with that much land. I have so much to do still with one acre and we have lived here over 10 years! But I still work 3 days a week as a dental hygienist so it limits my time in the garden. Next year I am going to cut back to 2 days a week and I will have more time to expand the whole backyard garden. LaVanda PS- do you have any pics of the garden. If so I would like to see them.

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scouttiegirl(z5 -ny)

Hi Lavanda, we will take some pics as soon as we finish off a few more small details. I just have a few more plants to put in the ground and some more pea pebbles to put down on the path. We grew many of the plants from seeds this year from wintersowing and they are now at a good size to be planted out. I am hoping to get it done this week. We have had a horrible drought for the past 5 weeks with no water. We actually had to have water delivered because our well dried up from the heat. It was in the 90's for days and days. All of last year only 1 day got into the 90's. Now the rain has come and it has been raining everyday making it hard to get out there to garden. We will have pics soon though. Scoutt said it would be "cool" to share seeds with someone else's zoo. Hope you have a great weekend and will get in touch soon~Heather

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I have been trying to find "pigsqueak" bergenia near Atlanta, Ga. No-one seems to have it. Anyone know where to get it around here?

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nuttshell(z7 GA)

I found some in the past at Pike's in Peachtree City. If they don't have any in stock, they say they can get it. Try the "Simply Color" plants section in the perennials, they are in blue quart size containers, usually on special display tables.

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scouttiegirl(z5 -ny)

Well, I finally have pics to post of our zoo garden. Will attatch the link. If anyone else has a zoo garden and would like to do a kids seed swap-let us know.~Heather

Here is a link that might be useful: zoo garden

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nuttshell(z7 GA)

Heather, Sorry it has been so long since I responded. Has been crazy summer. We had lightening strike that hit the cable and Killed my tv, garage door opener, etc. I saw your photos, they are really wonderful. You did a great job. I have some seeds saved to send you and working on some more.

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MrMac81(z8 SC)

We have begun the installation of The Plant Zoo on our campus at Spartanburg Technical College in Spartanburg, SC.
The garden is being constructed by our hort students and is a garden of botanical wonders with many species from all over the world. Many plant have animal names (plantimals)

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