Trees and Shrubs for Las Vegas Area

ray7NVSeptember 6, 2004

We just moved to the Las Vegas area and we need to put in at least two trees (5 ft or taller) and a number of shrubs. 1) Any general landscaping tips as to the position of the two trees and shrubs?

2) Also, we would like trees that are very hardy (e.g.,won't die if we slightly mess up on our drip system) and don't need much maintenance (e.g., are not messy). We'd like trees that are not very tall (Thanks,


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AzDesertRat(AZ 8b Sunset 12)

You're not asking for too much are you. Just kidding :).

I am currently in the planning phase of redesigning the area around my pool and have been doing some research in this area. I picked the Australia Willow as one of the trees that I wanted. It can get up to around 40', it has a deep taproot and won't be invasive around sewers, pipes, etc., and it once it is established, does not need much water. A few other suggestions are the Bottlebrush tree (needs a little more water, a little messier), Crepe Myrtle, Texas mountain laurel (about the right size), and olive trees (very drought tolerant). If you are looking for a fast growing shade tree, try the Dalbergia Sissoo (Indian Rosewood). It is bigger than the other trees I mentioned though, but a great tree, nevertheless.

As for shrubs, try Texas ranger (Leucophyllum frutescens), Mexican bird of paradise, and Yellow oleander (Thevetia peruviana, could also be a small tree).

I am not much into the desert shrubs, most of mine are tropical or semitropical in nature. The trees I listed will grow in my area. With your elevation and colder winter temps, you may want to doublecheck and see if there will be any problems. All of these plants are also considered water wise, so you shouldn't run into any watering restictions. I also attached a link with may be useful.

Good Luck

Here is a link that might be useful: Hot Gardens

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If you haven't yet, I would recommend going to either Star Nursery or Moon Valley Nursery (whichever is closer). They have free design services to give you an idea of what to plant, and where.
**Keep in mind they would like to sell you their plants/trees!!
That said, it is really hard to offer suggestions without knowing what "look" you are going for (Desert?, Tropical?, Native?)
Oleanders can be messy(flowers into pools), have leaves that are poisonous to animals, BUT are extemely hardy.
I would stay away from Ficus trees - invasive root systems and very sensitive to sub-freezing temps here in Vegas -you will be replacing them almost annually.
Personally, I like Lantanas for small plants. They tend to flower all year, there are multiple colors(including multi-color hybrids), ground-cover and "bush" varities, and if planted in spring are well enough established to handle a winter freeze. (Of the 6 I planted last fall, only 1 failed to come back by May this year).
Go to the nurseries, get their suggestions, do your own research, then decide what You like(not necessarily what the Designer wants to plant).

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