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lonepalm15(7)September 12, 2009

I bought Joshua Tree seeds while in Kanab, Utah. I planted them as per instructions and used the extremely tiny pot that was provided with the seeds. The seeds have been growing for a bout one month. I have a very tall "blade of grass" and a second smaller one. I have the following questions: When should I transplant the seedlings to a larger pot? What type of soil should I use? How often do I water? Right now the little pot sits in a tiny saucer which I replenish with water as needed. I only water from the bottom. It sits on a plant stand in a west facing large window along with my bonsais. Please give me some advice as to how to raise the Joshua Tree successfully. It really needs to be transplanted soon as the starter pot is extremely small. Thanks for all your help. Liz

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I'm amazed you got it to grow! They aren't easy, and most nurseries pot the pups that sprout up.

When you see some roots coming out of the bottom, it's time to transplant into a pot about 3x wider and taller (don't jump too many sizes). Use commercial cactus mix, or a mix of half playbox sand and half potting soil.

Water when a moisture meter says the soil is damp, but not bone dry ... soak it thoroughly and let it go almost dry again.

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