Yucca elata research

mayo97September 20, 2007

Hi all, new to the list. I would be very interested in a link to any expert or to research done concerning transplanting Yucca elata. I remember reading Wheeler in his published USDA booklet of the studies done by him in the late 40's and 50's. In it he stated that none of his Y. elata survived transplanting for his studies at his research facility. Possibly there has has been some research since then???? Any help would be apppreciated---Mayo

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Sorry, brain burp there, the author of the USDA research in the 40's and 50's was Webber, not Wheeler.--Mayo

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I don't know of any research on the topic, but perhaps you can check with someone from this site for practical experience: http://www.tucsoncactus.org/html/cactus_rescue.shtml . Good luck!

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The problem is the taproot and susceptibility to rot after transplanting. They really need dry soil and sun. Good luck! I haven't had any.

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Hi Mayo,

Don't know about research, but I have heard alot about difficulties transplanting this one, although apparently it can be done. I transplanted two small (1-2 foot trunk) individuals two years ago, one slowly died, but the other one just lost some leaves, and is now fine. I also was not too careful with these, and damaged their taproots quite a bit in the process.

Probably the new growing conditions for the transplant are most important in its success. But the most compelling positive note is simply the incredible number of huge landscape specimens of this species that are planted throughout the Southwest. The vast majority of these have been dug up from somewhere, not grown in containers. So maybe you could talk to someone with lots of landscaping experience with Y. elata.

Good luck

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