emerald green Arbovitae

wineandlobosSeptember 3, 2007

I planted one of these 2 weeks ago,I didnt give it much water the first few days.At the bottom of it it looks like its singed,its kinda black and pale yellow,Ive been giving it a good soaking lately and keeping it moist.The part where it is black looks like it has spread a little, Why is this?

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Arobrvitae need to be kept moist until they begin to exhibit significant growth. My arborvitae have been in the ground for four years, and still have not taken off yet. I think they are slow growers until they have become well-established. Your tree experienced some distress from lack of moisture. It sounds like you rectified the situation early enough to keep the tree from dying.

Did you amend the soil prior to planting? If your soil is sandy, it would need the addition of amendment which has water retention capability. If your soil is primarily clay, the suitable amendment would be one which can prevent too much retention of water--good drainage.

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