potting succulents

dennyII(9CA)September 23, 2004

can i safly pot up succulents in general this time of year?

or do you need specific species names?


denny zone 9

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Living in a warmer climate zone does have great advantage when it comes to growing and potting our greenery.
I personally take into account the plants location as well. All of my succulents are outdoors and if we have a
heavy rainy winter my newly potted plants may just be in for trouble.

Usually, as a general rule of thumb, succulents that are year around growers are better to pot as it becomes
necessary and can be potted at any time of the year.

Winter growing succulents are just beginning to perk up with their growth so now is a most appropriate time.

Most succulents are recognized as tough plants, when provided with a growing environment to their liking.
I have found that appropriate nourishment, well drained, fresh mix certainly accelerates their growth.

Good Luck!

Ankrara's Hobby Corner

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