Got the bed topped off yesterday!

jleiwig(6)April 15, 2011

Yesterday I took the day off work and hauled some tree limbs from the tree we took down in the front yard last weekend to the city yard waste site. While there I also picked up two truckloads of leaf compost. I topped off my original 4x8 bed with the compost and planted 9 each of Red Candy Apple, Candy, and Superstar onions from an intermediate day sampler set from Dixondale Farms. That is three squares of my 32 in this bed. I plan on adding at least two 2x8 beds along my fence line which runs N-S. In one bed I will plant corn, and in the other I will plant my beans and peas. Tomatoes will still go in the SWCs. I still need trellis materials and the bed materials for the new beds, and I will most likely purchase those this weekend. I'm thinking I'll use conduit and hog panel from tractor supply for one trellis. The hog panel is 34" wide and 16' long. On a 8 foot bed, I would need 3 sections run vertically so one hog panel would give me a trellis just over 5 1/3 ft high from the top of the box. I will use this for trellising cucumbers and squash as they need a heavier reinforcement. The pea bed will use conduit with twine tied vertically for the vines to grow up.

In the next few weeks I will be planting out some lettuce seeds, pea seeds, bean seeds, carrot seeds. The corn seeds and such will wait until the first or second week in May to be planted out. I still need to purchase a good mix for my 3.5 SWCs, but other than that, the garden is coming along nicely and I cannot wait until I get my first fresh veggies from the garden this year.

Here are some crappy cell phone pictures:

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Nice! good pics btw. not so crappy.

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