New to SFG & so excited!

noobette(3)April 5, 2009

I have gardened for years, but never in raised beds. I heard about SFG from a friend last fall, bought the new book, and read it over and over through the winter. Now we have three new raised beds, and have both seeds (spinach, Gator perpetual spinach, lettuce, tatsoi, senposai, beets, radishes) and seedlings (onions and red cabbage) planted in them, even though it's barely April and I'm in northern Vermont!

The boxes are made from hemlock 2x10s and are filled with modified Mel's Mix; I used 1/2 compost, 1/4 vermiculite. and 1/3 peat (shhh.... don't tell Mel). We attached 1" galvanized pipe with brackets to the inside of the boxes to hold poly pipe hoops.

There are more details and pictures on my blog if anyone is interested (see link below).

Here is a link that might be useful: Northeast Kingdom Localvores

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I know you are excited, I am as well. I am in my planning stages, putting boxes together and looking for Mel's mix. May I ask why you changed his mix formular? I was blown away when I figured my projected number of boxes (6) and the cost of the mixture, about $200 plus. I am going to downsize. Your box looks nice. Where do you get hemlock and is it weather resistant?

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I changed the Mel's Mix proportions because I'm a big fan of compost and good soil, and growing in 2/3 inert material didn't seem right. The compost we got was also very cheap, $30 for a yard (a pickup truck full).

Hemlock is very weather resistant, like redwood, but it is plentiful here in Vermont. We got it at a local mill.

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I can get a truck load of cow manure and potting soil but haven't yet. I was concerned that the cow manure would have too many seeds that would be a pain for the next ten years so I thought I would spend the money for the manure, it isn't very expensive here.
I also thought of using pine boards that I have for the boxes. I know they will not last but I can eventually replace them. I have cypress in my storage building but I hesitate to use it. Maybe I should. I make furniture as a hobby.

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Hi Noobette!
I don't have much to add today, but I just wanted to say hey to a fellow Vermonter! I grew up just north of Burlington, but I live in CO now.

Are you having sugar on snow this spring? I haven't had that in AGES!
Hmmm, maybe I should catch some snow if we get more this week. My syrup isn't new, but still real...

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People are sugaring and have had some excellent sap runs, but I haven't had any yet!

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