avacado trees

bobby - ohioJune 24, 2000

I live in southern ohio. I placed an avacado seed in a pot of dirt and it took off. I is now as tall as I am.(5'4"). It has grown a long skinny trunk and is hugh on the top and is now growing another branch. Is this normal?? Will the trunk ever get thicker? Will I have to keep it held up with a dowel rod forever? Will I ever be able to plant it outside? It is now 2 years old. Help?? I am totaly lost. I never even expected it to grow much less get this tall.

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jean(Zone 7/TN)

No, you won't be able to plant it outside. The reason: it must be in frost-free conditions year-round.

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daveg - 10/CA

You won't be able to plant it outside without killing it. However, you can have a very nice house plant. I suggest that you pinch it back some to give the trunk a chance to grow. Avocado trees have very shallow roots. It will do well in a large planter. You might want to cover the soil with mulch or decorative rocks. After a few years, you can trim back the roots. Do not worry if you get leaf drop. The trees do that in nature to create their own mulch.

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Shirley Pizziferri - 9-10

How do I get an avocado tree started from a pit?

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waxwiz - 9

i would recommend trying bonsai on the avacados, up north, they like a lot of iron, don't drown them.

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Joyce - 8

I am in the early stages of my avacado growing and I just read that your tree will not product fruit unless you graft it. Is this true? I have approx. 3 growing now and have no idea how to graft. Some advice would greatly be appreciated. Thanks.


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jeanette(5 Conn)

I started an avacodo plant from a seed planted in potting
soil. It has grown to be about 4' tall, the leaves are turning brown and I would like know is this normal? What
kind of fertilizer should I use? Do I need it in a bigger pot? It is currently planted in 16in pot about 24in wide.

Thank you

Here is a link that might be useful: GardenWeb

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wow, i think this is an old post... but i am a first time curious avacado grower as well.
i tried the tooth pick thing for a while but had no luck(or patience), so i gave up and decided to just plant the seeds(since i felt bad throwing it out. i totaly forgot about them, and a few months later had a 2 foot tall growth amongst another plant. So perhaps patience is the key...
i now have 10 baby avacado tress, planted from organic avacado seeds. They range from a few weeks old to a few months. I am very new to this, but they seem to be doing great. my oldest is about 3 feet high, and it has 12 leaves now. they are all in my bathroom, soaking up the humidity from the showers. there isnt a whole lot of light, but they are near a window. they all seem to be growing very rapidly. everytime i eat a avacado, i feel i must plant the seed. so i think we will have many trees. i have heard many different things about growing them and getting them to bear fruit, but it does seem to depend on the climate and where you are located, right? i am located in new mexico, near santa fe. it does get cold here in the winter, so i am hoping they will be ok. i definitly hope they will bear fruit someday, but in the mean time am enjoying thier beauty. but i am curious about this whole grafting thing. i have no clue anything about it, if some could give me some tips, or a website, it would be greatly appreciated! If i do not graft then is the only other way to pollinate by putting them outside, both male and female? also, it is mentioned often about fertilizing, but these are organic fruit, and i do not want to use chemicals, and i have also heard of some natural fertilzers, but i am also vegitarian... so i dont want any fish emulsion or bone meal, any tips? do you HAVE to fertilize indoor fruit trees?or does it just help? and about clipping off the top, does that really help? i feel so bad clipping off the top, its doing so well, and is so beautiful... any help is appreciated!
Thank YOU Much!

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I planted an avocado tree from seed and it is now 1 1/2 feet tall and springing up rapidly. Does anyone know where I can find a grafting scion and the procedure for performing this "surgery". A website for referrance would be greatly appreciated. Also, for information on determing the "sex" of a tree

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Hi, I have an avacado tree that my dad has had for many years it is about 10 years old. He passed away over a year ago and my mother didn't want it anymore. Well I haven't got a clue how to take care of it. I have had it over a year and it now sits in my bedroom with only 2 branches left on it and I have cut it back to see if it would sprout anymore grow and it has but the leaves seem to dry up and fall off. The ends of the branches were blackened and dead, so that is why I pruned it back. What I am wondering if what I am doing wrong. I would hate to lose it now. The trunck is about 3 inches thick. I have another one that started growing from pits he would put in the pot with the big one and it is getting pretty big and I do pinch back the top so that it branches out and looks really nice. But this one also it getting the tips browning on the leaves. I have just repotted it into a much larger pot so hopefully this helps it. I live in Ontario Canada so this tree cannot go outside and I know that they get sunburned if they are in the sun. So any help would be appreciated.

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Here is a website that talks about Type a and B trees for maximum polination

Here is a link that might be useful: University of California

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Miss_Mudcat(SE Indiana z5)

Since we eat a LOT of avocados, many pits end up in the compost, which gets spread throughout the garden. I noticed one had germinated and was growing in my tomato bed. When the weather turned cool, I dug it up, potted it and brought it indoors. It is about 1 and 1/2 feet tall, skinny but generally very healthy looking. My plan is to keep potting on and moving it outdoors in ideal weather.

I traveled to Venezuela in 1984 where I saw many avocado trees growing naturally throughout parks and back yards. I had the opportunity to pick them fresh. I noticed that these particular trees were understory trees, very tall and kinda skinny. They were strong enough to support a climber, which was necessary to harvest the fruit.

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A few months ago I poked 3 toothpicks in the sides of an avacado seed and placed it in a cup of water, about 1/4" covered. Roots have sprouted into the water and there is now a 18" shoot growing out the top. It has a few tiny leaves out the very top. Do you think I should plant it in soil or will it survive in a vase of water... the winding roots are kind of neat to observe.

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