miniature gardens for 4 year old

ianna(Z5b)June 2, 2006

Hi there,

Can you help me with ideas to form a miniature garden for a 4 year old girl? I'm thinking of a cottage with perhaps a river using real water, pebbles etc.. a bridge...I'll use live plants. What else can I add to this? It must be a hands on sort of garden where my daughter can play around with moving items about.



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Plastic animals.

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Ianna, I love this idea!

Are you thinking of a playhouse-sized cottage or a dollhouse-sized cottage?

If the latter, I'd vote for dwarf conifers to look like towering evergreens, and some very low-growing (and tough) groundcover like pennyroyal or mother-of-thyme for "lawn" spaces. Little low-growing flowers for the flowerbeds, or course--maybe Veronica, maybe violets, lots of good choices there!

I love to think of plastic animals roaming in the garden. Zoo animals? Farm animals? all of the above? Fun!

Post pictures when you've got it together, please!

Angie Kantola

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macbirch(ACT Aust)

I know I found this a bit late but I thought you might find it interesting to see Cockington Green Gardens at

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Have you thought of mini roses. Perhaps someone can name some cute ones that have things like princess in the name. Don't know how crafty you are but have you though about making forms like a butterfly from chicken wire and covering it with flowering plants.

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