garden crafts for kids

emmalounew(z7 GA)June 28, 2004

I am looking for some crafts that my kids could make and keep in their garden. They are 3 and 7 years old. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks.

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pat_tea(PNW, Van,WA)

My grandchildren 3, 6,7,12,13 made me stepping stones. You can get the mold from a craft store. They decorated them with shells, stones, old jewlery. I love them and they had fun!

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moominmamma(SE int. BC Can)

We've done stepping stones. We also have a Poetry Stones kit from which is plenty of fun. Here's the first haiku we did for my mom's Japanese garden (my mom is a musician)...

floral melody
quavers over a ground bass ...
summer symphony

Something we did last year which was really fun was to create small sunprinted banners similar to Tibetan prayer flags. We used Setacolor Soleil paints which we ordered in bulk from DharmaTrading, but you can get small quantities of the same paints in a Klutz book kit called "Sun Paint" (see Basically you paint swirls of colours on a bandana-sized square of cotton, arrange leaves, flowers, tools or other garden-related objects on top and leave it to dry in the bright sunshine. You end up with beautiful negative images of the objects printed over lovely colours. We hung ours in a row on a string between fence posts and they looked just beautiful flapping in the breeze. They probably helped keep the birds off the strawberries too.

This spring we had fun weaving a trellis with apple-tree prunings. I nailed together four big straight branches into a rectangle with legs. We banged the legs deep into the soil and that kept the rectangle square enough to work with. Then we wove the long thin apple-tree canes over-under-over-under within the rectangle. It looks really nice. I'm sure that it will rot away by next year or the year after, but that's part of the garden life-cycle, isn't it?

Another idea I'm keeping in the back of my mind... using discarded CD's to create wind mobiles to deter birds from the fruit trees.


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plays_in_the_dirt(SW Georgia/Z 8)

I got my daughters a birdhouse kit for Christmas. They put it together and paint it. You can get them at Wally World or Target & craft stores.

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sundae(NW Iowa)

Try looking on the garden junk page, always great ideas there, for grown-ups and kids alike :o)


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