Bird of Paradise -question

wineandlobosOctober 13, 2007

I have a BOP planted in the spring, it doubled its size and bloomed, but lately its been looking kinda beat up and sad, it looks like its loosing some of its leaves, the nights have been in the 40's, is it the cold weather thats doing this,what do you think.

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Combination of the cold weather and lower sunlight. Mine have also started to decline, only to come back in glory in the Spring....... dl.

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wineandlobos:Same here in Albuquerque @ 5200 ft.: the leaves start to look 'anemic' in late Fall even before frost hits. In Spring there may be some dead branches (mine is in an alley with no supplemental watering) but I just prune them off & the rest do fine. Sad that such beautiful tropical-looking flowers don't have a pleasing aroma!

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