Narrow Screening Plant?

mrsfox(6)October 19, 2013

Just wondered if anyone has any suggestions for what to plant in a very narrow area (2.5 feet) that can grow to about 10 feet for screening purposes? I live in an arid climate, so drought tolerance would be great. Evergreen would be ideal, but I'll take any suggestions! The picture is where I want to plant for some privacy from the neighbors.

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Where do you live? State and City?

Is it the across the street neighbor, or the over-the-fence neighbor? And what activity of your needs screening? There may be an easier way to get pool privacy or patio privacy.

Plants that will stay that narrow seldom get that tall ... and those that will quickly go to 10 feet are going to be wider than that.

A mix of shrubs and small trees, but in a wider bed that that, would work pretty well. Some evergreen and some flowering deciduous.

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I live in South Central Oregon. I would like more privacy from the over-the-fence neighbor...the 6' wooden fence quickly drops to about 2 feet towards the street. I'd just like more of a visual/sound barrier than that. Whenever I am out in the front yard watering or mowing I am being stared at, and I'd just like a little more privacy is all. What is the "easier" way to get the kind of privacy I'm looking for? Thank you.

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