Gopher eradication in school garden

azherbboyJune 7, 2013

I am wondering what your feelings are on this issue. If working in a school garden and there is a gopher problem, how should it be handled? Should you kill the gophers? Does that send a negative message to the children? Or are they considered a pest and ok to be killed? Should you teach a student that there are pests in the garden that are ok to be killed? Thoughts?

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You can use the castor oil granules. Keep in mind that castor oil products don't actually harm moles or gophers, they simply send them scurrying elsewhere. In fact, you can dictate the direction you want them to go.

You can water the granules in if you like, or you can just wait on the rain to do the job for you. Either way, the granules will slowly begin to dissolve and release the scent that repels both moles and gophers. This is an all-natural product containing nothing more than castor oil, soap and corncob granules, which are actually good for the lawn.

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