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Frank Resmondo - FLJune 9, 1999

Could you please tell me when Avacado trees bloom and and what is the time element from the time of the bloom until fruit. Thanks

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growing avacados commercially in a mediterian climate,400km North of Perth Western Australia.

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John McLaughlin - 10b

In Florida avocados will bloom from about late January (earliest) to early April, with fruit harvested from late Spring to mid winter, all of this depending on the variety of avocado being grown. A commonly grown variety such as Simmonds should be starting to be harvested now, whilst Waldin ripens late summer /fall and Choquette and Lula late fall into winter. Brogdon which is slightly more cold tolerant is normally harvested from mid July.
Use the link below to the University of Florida Cooperative Extension Service for downloadable information on growing avacodos in Florida - quite different from California. Use the excellent search feature or click on crops.

Here is a link that might be useful: Electronic Digital Information System

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Jeddrah Lacy

I would like to know the origin of the Avacado.
I need to know for a Health and Human Development assignment, so if you write back immediantly please as it is urgent and I have tried a lot of other sources and found nothing.
Thankyou very much

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Ronny Lynn

Hi my name is Ronny Lynn I am a horticulture major at a local comm. coll. in Beaulavile North Carolina and I was wanting to create a micro climate to grow avacadoes if you have any suggestions please feel free to get back to me.
I have a green house 15' X 20' about 8' tall. I don't know where I would begin to purchase plants that is really my largest concern. Thanks, Ronny L. ThomAS

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Marty Guy

I want to grow a few avacado trees. How do I start the seeds ( medium ) and what type of care shoud I give them. When I was young I started some in a glass of water with toothpicks holding them up. Is this good or should I start with soil? Thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: Marty's World

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I'am in 8th grade and i need info. for science fair. I need to know how to grow avacado seeds. I know that one way is to put them in water but if you know anything else and if you know anything that will make them grow faster please tell me it would help me a lot. Thank you very much! If you could please tell me that you are helping me with this would you please state that when you e-mail me, thank you again!

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flipster(central VA)

I started an avacodo seed and it took several months to get a root system from the glass trick. Now it has been potted and is about 18-23 " tall. I live in Virginia and I placed it outside in a sunny area. How many hours of sunlight does this plant require daily? Should it be in full sun all day?? I grew this for specimen only. I won't be farming...
Let me know thanx.

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John Mahoney california

I just bought a avacado tree from Home Depot, and learned that grafting is important to the tree producing fruit. Can someone help me as I can not find info. on grafting!!!!

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I need some info on grafting.

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eddie riverside ca

need info on grafting have a hass avacado tree one year old

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Mike Laughead

I, like so many of the inquires I have read, have grown an avacado plant but am clueless about grafting. The plant is about 5 feet high and growing like a weed. I live in south Flordia. Would appreciate any info on grafting.


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buglet(z9 CA)

here in california my great grandma has avacados growing in her front yard for years she staretd from seeds t hey where never grafted and had tons of avacados on them, mabe they need to be grafted in some climats and not others?
and i have found that starting seeds in soil they grow much faster than in water, but in water you get to see all the roots wich is realy fun :)


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nora_in_vancouver(8b Wet Coast)

Here is a link for all those looking for grafting information. You will need to obtain root stock and a scion.

Grafting is used when disease resistant roots are matched with different fruit-bearing top part (the scion). Some root stock is "dwarfing" to produce a smaller tree than would be produced by the scion type on its own roots.

You can also graft several different scions onto one root or trunk, and have a tree that produces several different types of fruit.

Here is a link that might be useful: How to graft to root stock

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I have looked many places on the web and have found nothing very informative regarding Avacado starting, growth, care and production. I need some help. I have an Avacado tree about 1 1/2 feet tall.

1. Some of the leaf tips are brown and curled up, what is the problem?
2. What do I need to do to prompt production?
3. What is the best type of fertilizer to use. Right now I'm using 8-7-6 Liquid Miracle-Gro. I feed my Avacado per feeding instructions.

Does anyone have any good advise to share with me?

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Most avocado varieties do not come true from seed (i.e., a seed will not render the same variety), so they must be propagated vegetatively. Cleft grafting is the preferred method of propagation in Florida, although veneer grafting also is used. Young, vigorously growing seedlings are used for rootstocks, and terminals of leafy shoots are used for scion material. Grafting is most successful during the cooler months from November through February or March, but can be done from June through March if plant material is available. Established trees may be top-worked by cleft grafting scions of the desired varieties on stumps of cut-back trees or by veneer grafting new sprouts arising from stumped trees. Propagation by cuttings and air-layering has not been successful.
Currently, little information is available concerning rootstock/scion performance or relationships of Florida avocados. Typically, seedlings of 'Lula' and 'Waldin' are used as rootstocks in Florida because of their uniformity, vigor, and availability of seeds.

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chery2(z7 VA)

It seemed to take forever for my avacado seeds to sprout. I started them in water, nothing happened, so I put them in a window box container. Now they are about 2' tall, leafy, gorgeous green, but leggy and falling over. Should I plant them in the ground? I'm not going to do the grafting thing. My plants have to thrive on benign neglect. chery-va

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I have heard that, an avacado tree started from a seed will not bear fruit. I understand that one must graft a cutting (or whatever) from a bearing avacado tree.

Is this correct? If so, do you know how it is done?

If you are in SW FLORIDA and have a bearing tree, can you supply a cutting?


Here is a link that might be useful: Real Estate eXchangors Network

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Hi Charles,

Avacados from seed will begin to fruit in a few years after germination....like all fruit trees they must mature some to begin bearing fruit. You can expect fruiting to start at around the tree's third or fourth year.


Here is a link that might be useful: Grow Your Own Avacado Tree

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It's avOcado, but fortunately Garden Web's search function takes both spellings into account, and I am happy with all the information you guys are sending in. Thanks.

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Flash76(Z10 SoCal)

Grafting info is in any good gardening book. It's a process of placing a bud or shoot from a producing tree onto the root stock of a new plant. In essence, another plant is sewn into your growing plant. Once that takes hold and starts growing as well, the initial plant you are growing is lopped off and this new growth becomes the plant. Make sense? This will then bear fruit (hopefully every season). There are grafting techniques so that the plant will not need other plants around to cross polinate.

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I don't have any answers, but I certainly have a question!! Are Florida avacodos ever shipped to other states? I left Florida in 1953 and haven't had a respectable avacodo since. The grocery store generic, Haas, leaves much to be desired once you've eaten a Florida avacodo. Thanks


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By accident I split the seed and the plant is 3 months old. All I have is a stem the leaves began to turn brown so I removed em. All there is a 20" stem. Do u think I killed her? Now I have a other seed in a flower pot but it is about an inch under the soil. Am I suppose to let the top part of the pit be exposed?

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I have a beautiful Guatamalan avacado tree about 15' high. Around three years ago it gave me the cutest little avacado I ever saw but it was only ONE avacado. Ever since then, I have waited, with great anticipation, for more fruit but none has been born. What gives? Can anyone tell me what to do to get my avacado tree to give me some delicious fruit? I heard that you are suppose to strike the tree with a bat or something! Is that true? Please help, I want my avacados!

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I have a degree in Ornamental Horticulture but never covered this subject in school. My granddaughter wants to start 3 avocodo pits but I do not know if you plant the pointed end up or down in the water? Can anyone help me with this?

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Can you tell me what the other type of avacados are. We have always used HASS but now we are seeing another avacado in the supermarkets and they are much larger. How does the taste compare?

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I never new avocado was so popular!!
I love it!! In brazil they eat it with sugar... In mexico with lemon and salt.
How many types of avocado are there??

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derfy(5 MI)

any info on when and how to prune most appreciated

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So how is everyone s trees doing. I just planted seed in ground about a month ago. I live in Maryland and it seems to be health as of now.

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