I Hate Lantana

vegasrenie(8)October 9, 2003

At least that's what I think it is. A viny kind of plant with variegated purplish flowers that *look* like Lantana blooms. It stinks. Literally. I trimmed the vines back a few days ago and was taken aback by the very pungent (sp?) smell of the LEAVES as well as the plant overall. I've been in my home just a few weeks and am now getting to the garden area.

This plant - there are actually about five of them planted close together in a planting area near the front door - is in a semi-shady area and doesn't get scads of sun. I want to pull this stinky thing out and replace it with something less viny and more fragrant. Would Jasmine work?

Any suggestions!!! Thanks!

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First, I am a bit surprised that you did not mention whiteflies. Lantana is well known as a whitefly magnet around here and it blooms best in full sun anyway.

Jasmine? Are you thinking of Jasminum sambac. Will it thrive in your climate zone? If yes, I would say it is the best choice.

The following are a few sweet fragrance suggestions for you. Most plants suggested will be come much larger in growth than Lantana thou they can easily be pruned to desired height and width.

Jasminum mesnyi, Jasminum humile, Gardenia jasminoides, Osmanthus fragrans, Aloysia triphylla and Lavendula sp.

Lastly Jasminum parkeri and Jasminum nudiflorum with beautiful yellow, *scentless flowers* are my most favorites.

Ankrara's Hobby Corner

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I didn't care a lot for mine till I learned that you can train them into trees...I have lavender and it stays close to the ground...but the orange color seems to grow very tall if you let it. I had a start (thanks to my birds :) so I decided to cut it way back, pot it and now it's being trained into a tree. They are very costly purchased this way. Just a suggestion. (I haven't noticed they stink though..and I do have a good nose :) later I am going out and smashing a leave to see if I can smell it...LOL

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Here in New York I am very grateful for the stinky smell of lantana. It is one of the very few flowers that the deer won't eat, and the butterflies just love it. Before I first purchased it, I was told the reason the deer don't eat it is because it smells like gasoline - I agreed. Then a good friend strongly disagreed and said it smelled like lemons to her! That's what makes horseracing!!!

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Thanks for the feedback. Is there something I can use to kill it other than one of the commercial toxic concoctions? Pulling it up may not be an option ... the smell not only makes me ill, it makes me sneeze as well! Here in the outskirts of Vegas, deer are not a problem, LOL! And I'd rather have something that I can enjoy as well as the butterflies and hummers.

I thought about pouring straight chlorine bleach onto the plants and see what happens. Feasible or no?


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Irene -
Pouring straight bleach on it is a FABULOUS idea if you want to make it impossible to grow anything there for a long time.

Take some antihistmines, get a sharp shovel and slice them out at the roots and put them in the trash. If it's really lantana, they won't come back.

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LOL on your answer! I was tempted to use Roundup, but since we are having an extended summer, I will take some Allegra, a shovel, and get started. Then I'll figure out what to use as a replacement. Once again, is jasmine feasible?

The Lantana is right at my front door. Anyone who visits and brushes against them brings the stink inside of my home which I do not care for! Pretty flower but I really, really hate the odor.

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mishy(z9/24 SoCal)

what about putting in some scented geraniums? I live in SoCal and they do fine in my climate (riverside). I have them in a pot off the ground and in full sun. I forget to water them most of the time. Very resilient and smells great! You can even pick your favorite scent! rose, orange, chocolate, etc...

Here is a link that might be useful: Scented Geranium Varieties

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Wow, thanks for the link! I'm looking for something that will go into the ground. I do lousy with container plants. The primary difference between Riverside and Las Vegas is that Vegas does not cool off on summer nights. If the plants could live through that, then that would be something that I'd consider.

PS - What I thought was several lantanas turned out to be ONE lantana from hell. But I won.

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Irene-- the jasmine will do fine. The scented geraniums will die in the winter for you-- you are too cold.

Also besides the fact you dont cool off for summer nights.. you get a lot hotter, your sun is more intense, and you get lots of freezing temps at night unlike riverside! You're better off comparing yourself to say Phoenix or another warmer place in AZ, with the high sun intensity. PX is a bit warmer though in the winter...

I'd go with the jasmine if you want something scented... it will take about the same water as the lantana. For other ideas you may want to pop in over to UNLV and look at the desert demonstration garden. it's peak is really in the spring but it's nice year-round.

Good luck and enjoy the garden!
Julianna (former LV resident)

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rensol(z8 AZ)

Ankraras, you mentioned the white flies! I hate those things! I love my lantana..it flowers year round and because I stay on top of it, I can shape it how I want. True the smell will knock you out! And...I have to wear long gloves when trimming because it also gives me a rash! But those white flies!! Ahh! Any thoughts on how to get rid of them?

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Hi Rensol;-

Whiteflies! .....difficult to control. Each year the whitefly season appears longer and longer. They multiply so rapidly it is really frustrating.

I did not experience good results using pesticides/insecticides spray control treatment because the colony usually infests the lower surfaces of leaves which are difficult to reach with insecticide sprays. Furthermore, I think whitefly populations can develop resistance to many pesticides/insecticides as well so I do not use them any longer.

I have been able to control, practice giving the plant a good hair cut in providing good air circulation. Companion Planting;- French marigolds nasturtiums and Shoofly plant. Eliminate the host plants such as Hibiscus, Tomatoes, Peppers, Poinsettia, and Chrysanthemum. Use yellow sticky traps and worm castings alternated with Di-System, a systemic product that is absorbed through the plants roots.

In addition, I have been releasing predatory wasps. I fertilize with a well balanced fertilizer to keep plants healthy year around to minimizing damage. Several times during the day I totally mist the underside of the plants leaf surfaces where whiteflies feed and reproduce. Hope this helps.


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I will probably go with jasmine since there are several varieties here that are quite popular. I did plant a couple of annual flowers in the bare, former lantana home. I got them at a local nursery for 88 cents each for 3" pots (what a bargain!) and they were labled "Stock". I have no clue what they are, but they are cute and smell nice. As you know, the stink is why the Lantana had to die. Just for the record, I love the look of the red/gold Lantana. I'd put it in a area with lots of plants away from the front door, but at the very entrance to my home, Lantana was a bad thing.

I will keep the "Stock" there for the time being. Right now I'm tree shopping ....

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i woul dlike to see pictures of lantana tree from ne one if you can find it i love my lantana but do hate the smell


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Jamie;- Follow Link provided below. A real beautiful Bonsai specimen By Jim Vanlaningham. Enjoy!

Here is a link that might be useful: Lantana By Jim Vanlaningham

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TX Smartscape mentioned that Lantana was a Native of Texas?I'm in the Mojave desert of CA right now. I didn't see the part about smelling like gasoline. I do know they are toxic to dogs. Whitefly?Whitefly dies here.So do most plants so I guess it works out.Bonsai Lantana? That's a lot of trimming for a stinky plant!Does nayone know if it will grow in Lancaster/Palmdale/Antelope Valley CA?Thanks,PJ

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If you want to get rid of the white flies or any insects in that area try planting bay - laurus nobilis. It is a spice (leaves used for cooking) and all insects hate the smell.

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nmnative(7 NM)

I love lantana for planting outside my garden walls. It looks pretty and I don't mind that smell when I cut it back since I have allergies and wear a mask anyhow. I think that smell is what keeps the rabbits from eating it--so if someone asks you what will grow with lots of heat, little water, repel rabbits and still have color lantana fits the bill! LOL!

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