How did your garden do last night???

nantinki(zone 5/6 NM)October 13, 2008

I guess I should start a new thread. How did your garden grow? We have had so much great information on the trees part but now for some new news.

South 14 got hit with a killer frost last night. Really a hard freeze. Being at 7640 elevation is not always good.

When I went to check everything this morning around 7 I nearly went back in the house and said forget about it.

The hubbards, (blue) were all showing signs of some freezing, the butternut were badly frozen, the winter squash pretended it didnÂt even get cold, and the beet tops froze.

I had no idea we were going to get this awful killer freeze last night, thought that it would happen tonight, and was prepared to spend the entire day today doing everything I could.

Fortunately some of the hubbards are just scorched, I will melt paraffin and coat the little soft spots so that they can continue to ripen. The largest one, a 30.5 pounder took the worst freeze, it is oozing sap, not anywhere near ripe, so that is gone. I will dry the seeds and give them or trade with them later on. I have a 25.5 that I might save. All the others, except a few of the very smaller seemed to make it ok. I have about 20 instead of the 30 I have been counting daily, but itÂs ok.

The carrots are fine, I will dig them today, the beets are good too, so up it all comes. My day will be used digging and planning for the cold cupboard. I am not sure about the butternut, my favorite. Hopefully it will make it. It is outside now trying to melt.

The garden was so frozen and brittle that I could snap any leaf with no effort.

My onions and potatoes are already in the cupboard so thank heaven for that. I just took them off the back porch last night. Boy am I glad. I purchased them, got a great buy, so it would have knocked the wallet badly if I had lost them. Next year I will grow my own.

The parsley, I have tons, is the only thing that didnÂt mind the cold a bit. How strange is that? I have dried all that I need so it wouldnÂt have mattered anyway but it was good to see something that tough.

So how did your gardens go???

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No frost in my area, though I am expecting first frost within a couple of weeks. It is wet, chilly and dreary this morning. I've already got a pot of soup simmering, and it is only 9am! I am going to have to go out into the cold and wet to get some arugula from the garden for this soup. Maybe I'll bring in an armload of firewood whilst I am out and about. I'm thinking I may fire up the woodstove today.

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