please review my sfg plan, new to sfg

venusruizApril 8, 2009

Hi, Im new to SFG, and pretty much to gardening, this is my 2nd year. My hubby and I built these raised bed this past Feb. and I have been laying out the plants according to the book. Please comment on my design, is it too crowded. Im concerned specially with the squashes, I have seedlings of summer squash (bush habit) and zucchini also bush habit and have a canteloupe. The north side is on the top of the page, farthest from the street. thanks so much for your input.

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I am new to SFG, too, so not the best person to advise you on your plan; however, I just had to tell you that I love how you made those 4 boxes have a diagonal cut out on the inside corners and how you plan to put some of the same plants around those corners. I'll bet it will look really pretty with all the plants growing in them. Please post some more photos later on as they are growing! :)


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Given the proximity to the street, I would be worried about people stealing my ripe veggies, honestly.

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GET OUT! I love the layout of the boxes. How cool. What direction is north? That way we can better help you with placement of individual plants.

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How pretty! Do post photos once things are growing. Please.


Here is a link that might be useful: Annie's Kitchen Garden

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Thanks so much for the encouragement! North is the top left corner of the page, away from the street, the corner of the box that did not show in the picture. I have the squashes on that top corner on my plan, is the space i gave them (4 squares each) enough? Im hoping the neighbors behave, im more concerned with the squirrels. Originally I though I was going to have enough space for a birdbath in between the boxes we made with an angle, but now that's built I realized is not enough space, I would be bumping into it all the time. Oh well, live and learn.

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Looks great! Couple things I would suggest though. You may have better pollination with your corn by keeping it in more of a block format rather than the long edge of the bed. If it does't pollinate well, you'll get ears with uneven rows and missing kernals. I planted 4'x 5' last year and had pollination problems. That may have been due to high winds as well though. The other thing is I think it will be a pain to reach through the corn to pick the pole beans, unless you are growing them to use as dry beans. If you're using them as snap beans, you'll need to keep them picked regularly.

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Melissa Houser

Corn, Squash and beans work well together, even planted in the same area. Do a search in the forums for "three sisters" planting and you'll find tons of discussion.

I think you'd do better to consider planting a 4x4 area with corn, interplanted with beans and squash. Having the corn planted in a square makes pollination easier, IME.

Otherwise, I love your layout and can't wait to see your garden in full bloom!! :)

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gumby_ct(CT it says Z5)

Yes corn should be planted in blocks, the NW corner would work well. The remaining tall plants should be on the north side too, including those you will trellis (cukes or other vines).

The 3 sisters scheme referred to a vining (usu. winter) squash to climb the corn. My summer (yellow) squash, has huge leaves and takes up a 4x4ft box when its happy. I have squeezed 2 plants (6in. apart) in a 4x4. I wouldn't put squash on the N side, tho I have had it get 3ft high. Certainly it would provide shade for a smaller plant, but usu. stifles anything under it. You might try radishes, lettuce, or spinach will would be done before the squash shades everything.

Read up on the Squash Vine Borer (SVB) so you know what is happening when the squash suddenly dies.

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Beautiful! I'm excited for you. I love the simplicity of your trelising for the peas. Are you planning to do the same thing for your pole beans?

What is the depth of your boxes?

Once again, congrats. Hope to see your progress.

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Pretty much the same for the beans, maybe i do like /\----/\ kind of structure, with rope in between two tripods. At the potager forum they tell me that the space for my summer bush squashes is too small, any one has experience growing them? do they really need a 3x3 space?

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