anyone have a 'folly'?:treehouse/playhouse

careytearose(z9 NoCal)July 5, 2007

I'm x-posting this also to the landscape design and the cottage gardens forums, as it may be applicable there as well.

Does anybody out there have what would be considered in English gardening style folly? I've seen these occasionally popping up in my English Garden and English Home mags. We also love the treehouse seen in the recent film "Sense and Sensibility".

Webster's dictionary defines a folly as: an often extravagant picturesque building erected to suit a fanciful taste.

We recently discovered that a family we know from church has a wooden treehouse up on stilts in their backyard. Complete with screened windows, and electrical. The tree below it was cut, so now its called a stump house. We're going to measure it today hopefully when we pick up their son for a sleepover.

The children and I have always wanted a victorian playhouse/garden shed for the backyard, but DH wouldn't let us build one in his soon to be large scale (G scale)garden RR area in the back. The idea of RR tower up on stilts JUST might be something he'd go for it seems! A treehouse or small playhouse on stilts could be a fun and unique addition to "traintown". The fence height in traintown is now at about 58", so that would be the stilt/post height. We'd want it tall enough inside for an adult to be able to stand. There are two possible suitable locations for this in the back, one would have a view of the childrens'Secret Garden and all of traintown out the windows. As the train layout is pre turn of the century NY, a quasi-victorian style building could work.

If anyone has pics, I'd love to see them!

To see pics of our recent landscaping projects and roses, ck out my Picture Trail:


Here is a link that might be useful: look at Landscaping Projects 2007, Favourite ROSES We Grow albums

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heather38(6a E,Coast)

I know this is an old post but had you considered a Thomas the tank engine theme for your folly or even (Victorian sorry from UK) 19th century RR stations as your folly, a folly is just that, your imagination, I lived in a house owned by the hospital I worked at in Canterbury UK and it had a folly, it was just a stone built arch to look medievil! they don't always need a purpose, did you ever build it?

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huisjen(z5 ME)

I've been thinking that some sort of meditation house would be nice. The garden is about 100 yards or so from the house, and it'd be nice to have some amenities closer. I've got plenty of room and no building codes, so...

I'm imagining an octagonal structure, with each of the eight sides being 4' across and 6' tall. That makes the whole thing about 9'7" across. I have three nice salvaged windows for the NE, E, and SE sides, facing the garden, and I'd put a door in the NW, facing the path home. The roof would be an eight sided cone, 8' from eave to peak, therefore requiring 4 sheets of plywood. I'd add an overhang at a shallower pitch, maybe 12:12, supported with gingerbread brackets. There'd be a weathervane at the top of the roof point, maybe shaped like an octopus. The roof would be black asphalt shingles, the walls probably cedar shingles, with painted trim. Inside there would be a garden journal, a day bed, drinking water, a discrete bucket toilet, a few tools...

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