No plants, no survival for the animal kingdom including us

jemimap4July 8, 2009

Hi everyone,

If I say that without plants we and the rest of the animal kingdom would die, I suspect this would at best raise a yawn and at worst readers would rush on to the next message.

Yet if plants could talk like humans they would no doubt laugh their heads off while pointing out that at least from the time of the hunter-gatherers reliance upon them, in virtually all aspects of our lives, has increased with every generation to the present day. (I have some idea of this as I have been researching and writing about the history and usage of plants for two to three decades.)

This is extremely important as if we do not appreciate the plant world's involvement our malaise will only exacerbate the increasing loss of a large number of the relatively few known and used species through the effects of climate change. It is vital that all parts of the community (young and old) play a role in the stewardship of plants.

So how would you suggest the excitement and fascination of the plant world's view of the planet could be best illustrated.

Please do respond with your thoughts.


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