Cannot believe I'm doing this ...

provence(SoCal/19)July 23, 2003

Had to post this at the kid's forum - would probably be laughed off anywhere else! After years of planning and months of hard work I finally got the kitchen garden I had always dreamed of. The raised beds were filled, and within a month everything was looking positively bountiful. Then early one morning, coffee in hand, surveying my little patch of heaven, I found the unthinkable - hornworms on my tomatoes! Ughhh!!! Plucked the blighters off and destroyed them.

Fast forward two days and I find another, and another. I am just about to put a permanent end to their free lunches when my youngest child comes along ...the look on his face, I may as well have been Jack the Ripper. Said hornworms are now happily settled in their new luxury accommodations (the kids' nature box). They are safe from all and any predators, have an endless supply of tomato leaves - from MY tomato plants. And the moment I knew I had finally lost it - when one of the children had left the box in the sun and I moved it into the shade so the poor little darlings wouldn't fry.

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butterbeanbaby(z5 MO)

You had it all wrong Provence... they're not pests, they're PETS... just one too many "S"'s I think LOL. I have a four year old, so I can completely relate. We "relocate" spiders and caterpillars and anything else we can find.


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What a great story!!!..... this summer my granddaughter (3yrs.) & I have collected June Bugs, spiders & a number of other critters (for our own relocation program), much to her Mama's & Nannie's chagrin.
So take heart Provence, "your not alone"!!

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