queen palm brown tips

chris_bOctober 31, 2005

I live in the phoenix area and have a queen palm with brown tips. The plam has been in the ground atleat 5 years. Its approx. 18' tall with a trunk dia of 8-10".

It has new growth spiking out at the top however the older growth frawns? are all yellow/brown, looks pretty neimic looking compared to others on our street. Its on a drip 3' from the trunk, which is on 3 days week approx. 1 hour.

I fertilize spring/summer using palm stakes(purchased at home depot,etc) and deep water typically in the spring. I havent fertilized yet the season, wanted to find if I was doing something wrong,etc.

Too much water? not enough, additive in addition to fertilizer? suggestions?

thanks chris

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sonotaps(Sunset Z13, Phx)


It is natural for the older fronds to dry up and be 'spent' of their nutrients as they are then replaced by new growth. When they are brown, just trim them off of Queen palms (which are not self-cleaning like some palms).

However, this could be due to hot dry winds and the accumulation of summer. Nothing is good for queens palms here. We are too hot and dry. Our soil is alkaline, which causes them to suffer from nutrient deficiencies. Any good palm food (granular or Lutz spikes) will resolve the latter problem. I give my palms small doses of palm food monthly from March-October.

People just don't water them enough in spring and summer here. I would mulch them (don't let touch the trunk)to keep the soil cooler and moist in spring and summer.

Now that our 'fall' is here and 'winter' is approaching, the stressful period for them is pretty much over. Cold winds can dessicate the fronds too (keep them watered in winter too, but with less frequency of course). In most places in the valley, cold is simply not an issue for them in terms of frost hazard.

Check your emitters to see if they are clogged and maybe add a couple more around the palms. An emitter 18" away should be fine.

Helpful link:


Good luck.

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Thanks, I looked at pacificpalms website. i think I have a deficiency of Maganese(sp??) also add more emmitters. My fear was overwatering but dont think that could happen with another emitter.

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Hi guys. My Burford holley's developed some green berries on them, three weeks after planted. But there doesn't appear to be any new growth yet. Does any one know when they start growing? The tag says fast growth.

Will yellow tips on a Majestic Palm clear up, or does it have to be cut off. I did sprinkle Magnesium Sulfate all around it, after the yellow appeared. Do I need to do more?

This guy up here doesn't seem to be very knowledgeable.

I'm in FL.

My son has been watering these daily. Maybe too much.

He just fills the dug out basin around the root ball.

Just planted these three weeks ago.

So any help provided would be much appreciated.

Thanks guys!!!!!!

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