question about botanical names

robyn26(zone 5 MI)July 14, 2002

i have been working at a health food store for a year now. in this time i have noticed four seemingly different plants (since visiting this site i see many more). if i miss spell any of these please excuse me, spelling was never my strong suit, avena sativa(oats), lettuca sativa(lettuce),canabis sativa(marijuna), and sativa(alfalfa).

my question is, what does sativa represent, what does it mean? i don't see a visible connection to these plants, or to a pear or any of the others mentioned in my search of sativa.if any one could please tell me! i have been looking through all the books i can get my hands on and it is driving my crazy! it seems that every day i find more with that name.

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Sativa from sativum meaning cultivated.

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An odd thing robyn I agree even with the definition (sown or cultivated) I think it is used to distinguish from the wild form which would be sylvestris or ferus.

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robyn26(zone 5 MI)

thank you sooo much!!! now i understand how so many different plants would have the same name. so all of those varieties have been farmed, therefore named sativa. thank you again.

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