duranta sapphire shower

hannelore_2006October 17, 2006

I have been told conflicting facts about this plant. I was told at the nursery that it was a good trellis plant growing to 25'. I have also been told it is a bush and can be trained as a tree. I have a 6' trellis in a small patio area that I am using for privacy and looking for fast growing, evergreen, coverage. It receives partial south sun both summer and winter. Will this plant supply those needs?

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Not at all conflicting, they probably forgot to mention other details about it as we all often do. Similar in nature with Jasmine sambac and
Pyracantha, Durata rerecta 'Sapphire Shower' is a shrub that the new growth is sprawling and vine like in nature. Seems like a trellis is a
good choice for the type of support to help with those long new shoots. It can easily be trained to take a tree like form with trimming to
maintain as a very attractive tree/shrub like form.

A very versatile beauty to grow and I do not see why it would not serve the purpose you are desiring. Watch for whiteflies during their season.

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