music and the effects on plants.

kristie(z6 IN)August 3, 2001

hi, im a student at newman senior high school and my science class is doing a project to do with plants. I have chosen to do plants and music. I would like to know if i could get any information fromm anyone on how to set up an experiment like this one and what was their results. Thanks please i need help

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Hi Kristie. Acutally I inadvertantly ran such an experiment with my African Violets once. I had them under a grow light next to the stereo. We listen to a lot of mellow music. My wife listens to a lot of Yanni and Enya music during the day. The violets were blooming beautifully and doing very well. I thought I had the lighting and fertilization down just right. Then one day we moved some things around and actually moved the stereo to another area of the house where it didn't have the same direct association with the african violets. Within two weeks I started to notice that something was going on. I had not changed the lighting, food or watering. It stumped me for a long time. Then we decided to move the stereo back to its old location since it was not heard as easily where it was. Within two weeks I could see a difference in the violets. They were setting on more buds again and just plain looked better. It may have been a fluke. But it happened.

Colo. Kid

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I am doing a science fair project and this is my topic. If anyone can help me it would be much appreciated.

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One generations "music" is the previous generations "noise"!
Therefore the answer should be a matter of volume. Louder music/noise the should make plants shorter and stronger.

Here is a link that might be useful: THIGMOMORPHOGENESIS

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Gale(3/4 NW ONT)

I know most people say plants "prefer" classical music, but my plants indoors and out listen to loud heavy metal rock everyday . Everyone is happy and healthy! I think too, that it's the vibrations that come from the music, not the sound that affects them. People have various opinions on this subject as well as the famous "I talk to my plants" ~LOL~ Well, I guess I "sing" to mine with the stereo blaring along!
Good thing the music is louder than my voice, or they would die for sure!

Just my 2 cents........Good luck on your project!

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colo kid- who knows whether it was also the electro-magnetic field from the speakers? There are so many variables it is impossible to control for all of them and the burden of proof rests on the person who proposes a correlation between music and plant growth.

Until then I will never be convinced that music affects plants. Other things are at work like the effects of music on the gardener. Plants simply do not possess the sensory receptors that perceive music, and yet people are regularly proposing their palnt prefers country western over classical. That is like saying I prefer the sound of sap rising in a century old maple in the late winter to the sound of a white pine's cone releasing its seed. I simply cannot perceive those sounds let alone distinguish between them.

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I'm a middle school student looking for information on music's effect on plants. If you find any websites related to this topic I would really apreciate the help.
By the way, a really good website is:
Also, Amber if you don't like this topic it's ok. But, please try not to make fun.

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I was woundering how did you get your project done Cause I need some information for my science project.

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A good book to read on this topic is "The secret life of plants"

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Hey, could someone that has done this experiment email me their results? thanx

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does anyone else know anything about this subject :-) I'd like to hear some more comments.

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i need help on this topic. Please send me any info you have. thanxx.

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i need help finding info on the effects of music on plants. can someone give me the information they have on this.

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Shadow_Battousai(z9 TX)

Im also doing a project on this topic using emails. please e-mail me with some helpfull information. Thank you.

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Have a science project on this due but I want to make sure our findings are the norm, anyone have anything we can compare it too??? any website\resources we could be directed to would be greatly appreciated.


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does anyone know if either soft music or rock would help cacti thrive?

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i am doing a science report on plants and if music effects them and I need to know where to search my notecards are due FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please please please mail me @

Here is a link that might be useful: mysspazzle! (myspace) its not a helpful link but its prettyful!

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I am a sixth grader doing this project and I need help big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I just moved from a big house in an older neighborhood to a smaller townhouse in a newer neighborhood where I cant blair music as loud as I could laying up against a college in oldtown. As the garden is now seperated from any periodic sound, things have not been growing well at all since the change. I am going to put a small speaker in the grow room and post again in three weeks with results.

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no change/ other nutrient disorders...lame

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