Petal Pushers: Lucky Lepurcons March Swap Partners

ncgardengirlMarch 5, 2009

Hello Fellow Petal Pushers.

The March Lucky Lepurcons swap will honor of St. Patty's Day. Think GREEN and GOLD and all the colors of the RAINBOW!

This month will we include ANYTHING in colors of GREEN, GOLD, OR ANY COLOR OF THE RAINBOW!

1. Please include a gardening item for your partner in any of Green, Gold or ANY Rainbow color.

2. You may share bulbs, corms, rhizomes.

3. Since it is still too cold for plants for some of us please share at least 5 packs of seeds for your partner, either new or opened equal to 5 unopened packs. Please make sure you check your partners want page.

4. If you are new to the groups PLEASE be sure you mail out your page first to your partner and PLEASE be sure to get a Delivery Conformation # and POST IT ON THE THREAD to let us and your partner know it is on its way.

5. Include something related to St. PattyÂs Day to honor this monthÂs theme. THIS can be anything from beads, to buttons, to a flower that blooms GREEN or GOLD BUT this MUST be something related to St. PattyÂs Day and traditional GREEN AND GOLDEN ST. PatrickÂs Day Themed.

You may share with your partner whatever you would like them to have but please make sure any items from the list of #2 and any seeds are something your partner will want check their wants list, along with at least 1 gardening related item. THIS can be gloves, a trowel, a spade ANYTHING garden related.

Sign-ups will be until MARCH 5th and Partners will be assigned by MARCH 6th and you package must be MAILED BY MARCH 17th St. PatrickÂs Day!

Alright then LET THE FUN BEGIN!!! COME JOIN US IN THE FUN ON THIS Luck Âo the Irish Celebration!

:) Fran (your March Hostess)

Partners for the month of March ARE:

skohler-Susie margaret_2007- Margaret

raggedyann161420- Annie faintheart- Dee

Sorry everyone with this move I just have to much going on to join this month. I wanted to I really did.

AS it stands at the moment we will be at the other house by the weekend I am pretty sure.

We can not get our cable service down there without dishing out 4000.00 to run a cable line. THAT AIN'T HAPPENIN'! The Dish service (satellite prodiver) wanted 400.00 up from and since it is taking everything we have to move we will not have anything available to us for at least a few weeks. Which means prolly after Friday evening or Saturday I will no longer be able to be online until I can get an internet provider who doesn't require and arm and leg an my children's first born.

I will be back as soon as I can.

I hope everyone has fun sending to there partners :)

:) Fran (finally off to bed for a few hours before getting up to move some more!)

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well margaret guess your stuck with me this month too Hope your ready for this one :) let me know if you need my addy .


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sassybutterfly_2008(7 NorthWest GA)

Fran you could always use the basic Netzero just for in the meantime til you can get something better. It ties up your phone line, and if you can deal with the ads, it does at least get you online for free. Just a thought :)

Hugs everyone!

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Oops, I didn't see this thread!

Fran, did you call Dish network, or a dishnetwork installer? I found out here that when I called one of the local companies that install Dish it was a LOT more money, when I called Dish network directly it was free installation with a 2 year contract! BUT, when it came to internet, I called dish and they wanted about $400 upfront, then I called a local company and they gave me free installation too. And it's the same internet I would have with dish plus the monthly fee is almost half about $30/month and no phone line needed! I know things work different everywhere, but I hope this helps a little!

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Fran, will be off line for about a week. SHe asked me to let you all know !!

Have a great swap !!


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Hi KYM Been along time hope all is well.

Margaret : your box went out today so you should have it on monday . CONF # 0308 0730 0000 8859 3848 . hope
you enjoy .

What a great sunny & warm day My kids played in their pools all day :) While I played in the gardens .
Got all my grasses cut down & My Butterfly bushes trimed up :) So I'm really ready for spring :) .

wishing you all a great weekend . will be Rainy here

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Pretty quite around here : ) Is everyone outside???

I am wanting some opinions please, what are your favorite mail order sites for plants??? I've gotten some pretty skimpy twigs in the past and am just wondering if there are places that actually send "plants", not dormant sticks.

And, has anyone used a bulb auger before? In hard clay, does it work?

ok, off to do some surfing : )

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Hey ALL TIME FAV place to order PLANTS (not twigs) is

The service is awesome, they will even replace a plant if something is wrong, and they have fast service, and I have ordered 3 times, and working on a 4th...with the healthiest plants in my garden are from them.

Hi Sue, I hope you are doing well !

Still waiting for Fran to return, I hope you all are having a good swap this month !

Can you beleive it was in the 60's all weekend, and then we had SNOW today, UGH !

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Theresa24(8b/9a NE FL)

Hi friends,

Sorry to have been away so long. My job did end getting cut but it looks like I will have enough seniority for the county to place me somewhere else for the next school year. So there's alot of uncertainty as to exactly where I'll end up but at least I'll have a job.

Looks like it's a small swap this month....I hope it's a fun one. I haven't forgot that I'm hosting next month. I do still plan to do that.

Have a great week,


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Kym, Thanks for the site, I'm going to go check it out right now :) I need to get some type of evergreens for a wind block, I am going to try and get some fast growing vines up this year till I can get something more permenant.

I bet Fran is going insane without internet! I know I did when I first moved and didn't have it for almost a month!

Theresa, I'm sorry to hear about your job being unknown right now, but like you said, at least you still have one! I hope you like where you end up!

I had Friday off, it was 17 degrees out! Sat. was 55 and sunny! Yesterday it was freezing, we got 2-3 inches of snow and tonight is supposed to be down to 20 below wind chill! Crazy weather! I wish it would stay warm!

How is everyone else???? Anything exciting going on????


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well It was a rainy weekend then yesterday was soooo nice
my friend an I went up to Grand Rapids & walked through
lowes, home depot, micheals, World Market, Tuesday Morning,
went to OLGA"S For Lunch & My legs feel as if we walked the world wide :) OH It was So much fun & I found some great Gardening Gifts At bargain Prices . we were like little girls in a candy store .

So Theresea I'm ready for your swap :) .
well off to get my day started

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Hi, Ladies

I received my Saint Patrick's Day box from Susie & what a great job she did with that theme. She sent a PLANT (had to shout that out as she is in Michigan & I am in Iowa, a Oxalis, "Iron Cross" which I have never had & the most darling Gnome plant waterer. It arrived in good shape, too. Also,green & white gardening gloves, green, white & gold low cut socks (the colors that Fran said we had to send), a green marker,green shopping bag, tulips, red, white & pink, (the rainbow colors) a COOKBOOK KIT to make a cookbook, & a cute ST Pat's Day card. It was fun opening & checking it all out.Hope I didn't miss anything. It was a fun time opening the box with all these great things in it! Thanks, Susie. The only other thing I would have loved to have was spending the day with you & your friend. Sounds like a wonderful day to me.

Will post later when I have more time. I have promised myself I will do some work today! Blessings, Margaret


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margaret was there a Green Paint Pen ??? If Not I have it here somewhere .

Glad you like

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Yes, Susie, there was a green paint pen & I forgot the Coffee's & hot chocolate & the cute plant pot the plant was in that you sent. Thanks again, it was a great box.

We have had lots of rain since Sunday & now we have a Wind Advisory until tomorrow morning. March is surely coming in like a Lion & hope it does go out like a Lamb. We had such flooding last year I certainly pray we won't have it again this Spring. Some of the last years still hasn't been cleaned up & people are not back in their houses.

Blessings, Margaret

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margaret sure glad it was there for I Wouldn't know where to look here :( In such a mess right now .

very windy wet cold & spitting SNOW :(

I have a mystery My female Ducks started to lay eggs this last thurday & had 4eggs in one nest up till yesterday tuesday I have them here in the house for its to cold out there for them .

well I went out to feed this morning & there was 4 eggs
back into the nest that I had cleaned out the day before :)
so now I have 8 eggs . but the mystery is How can there be 4 eggs in the nest ?? even if all 3 of my females was to use the same nest ?? within 16 hrs.???

Annie I think you passed me back the Bug during our chat :( I woke with the scrachy throat ,drippy nose ,cough :) so going to go lay back hope your getting better.

well have a great day

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faintheart(z4b IA)

Hi everyone!

Susie I hope you are feeling better! We had your weather yesterday and I didn't make it to work. It was -2* this morning! Your egg mystery is unusual. The girls just want to have a nice size clutch I guess. :) From what I read online, in a rare instance they may lay two eggs in a day. Are you going to let them sit when it gets warmer? We had ducks when my kids were little and it was lots of fun to watch their antics. Your shopping day sounds like fun! What is World Market? I don't think I've ever seen one of those.

Margaret, it sounds like you received a wonderfullll package from Susie. She is always so thoughtful. I hope too that floods avoid your area this Spring. It was so devastating to all effected here in Iowa. Keep warm...better temps are on the way!

Theresa, so glad to see that you will have a job for next year. Hope all works out and your placement will be a good one!

Vicky, I agree. Bluestone Perennials is a good mail order source. Depending on what you are looking for Hallson Gardens ( is also wonderful. I have made it a habit to check the ratings forum for vendors or garden watchdog before placing any orders from any new sources.

Annie, hope you are feeling better too! I am working on your box and hope to have it finished over the weekend. ;)

...need to go figure out what in on the menu for tonight!


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Thanks for the plant sites girls!
Dee, I never thought to check the vendor thread and never heard of garden watch dog, I'm going to go check it out now: )

I hope you two start feeling better Susie and Annie! It seems everything is going around and around and around again out here, I can't wait till spring and just have the allergies instead of all the germs and ick!

Susie, how many eggs can a duck lay on a normal day?

Gonna run, have a nice night everyone!!


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GM all
DEE : I Had Never been to the world market place either
till my friend took me there she has 3 kids & they go into all type of shops I have never heard of so when my friend & I get a day out she takes me to the places she went with her girls :) I have to say it was soooo much fun .

this place has gormet foods to toys from all over the world I found some really great things for next months
swap :) can hardly wait to sign up & share .

yes this sicky crap has been a battle for me this winter not sure why .

Now as for my mystery as of today I have 9 eggs so far:)
yes i have brought them is from the cold & they are in the incabator :) will let you all know if they hatch .

I have put golfballs in the nest so hope they won't know the diff to much :) also yes they are all 3 females sitting on the same nest . Don't know why for there are 3 nest out there .
one of them has made a nest in my cubboard out on my deck i put straw in there for them to get some cover on the cold nights & they built a nest but no eggs there .

well I need to get some work done annie you have mail maybe we can chat later.


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Hi, Ladies-Just a quick post to say I got your box in the mail today, Susie, with the confirmation #0305 2710 0003 0563 1196. I sure hope it gets to there by Saturday & that you like what I sent.

Vic-Good to see you posting. Thanks for asking for places to send for plants. I will be looking into them.

Theresa-I am so happy that you are not out of a job completely. I know you will be able to make the adjustment well. I do hope you will be happy with the change & won't have too far to travel to the one you will have. What does your little guy think about it?

Dee-I am also checking with the Garden Watch Dog to guide me in my purchases on line. Money is too hard to come by to not be sure of who we are purchasing from.

Kym-Thanks for keeping us updated on Fran. I hope things are going better for her with her move, interconnect service, mail & all. Moving is stressful enough with all of that going on to.

I am off to a few other things then to bed. Had a busy day & another one coming up tomorrow. Blessings, Margaret

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ty margaret I know I will love it not to worry .
will post as soon as it arrives .

thought i would share my frog with you all just to bring alittle spring our way :) .


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Hello ladies,
I am finally back online! Yes! It took long enough. We are still trying to settle in here there is still much to be done, seems like it will never be finished. I dug all my plants from the other place, those need needs beds. The kitchen still isn't in order and it might take a while! it is so small not sure where it all will go!

BUT the yard is so nice, I walk around in it at least once a day! Can not wait to start planting in it!

I want to get so pics so I can have a record of before and afters!

Ok well just thought I would stop in a let everyone know I am back online!


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faintheart(z4b IA)

Oh my goodness! Annie, thank you so much for the gift certificate to Del's!!! I will let you know what I choose to get. :) I have some finishing touches to put in your package and it should be on it's way tomorrow.

Vic, glad I could pass along some info. I find both sites very helpful.

Margaret, hope you didn't work too hard and have a beautiful weekend coming like we do here in the north.

Susie, love the froggie! I think it's was around 50* today! World Market Place doesssss sound like lots of fun!

Welcome back, Fran! Glad you are settling in. Looking forward to seeing your transformation of the "old" yard. ;)


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I'mmmmm home, but I am still struggling with this &*^%^ cold!

Fran, I'm so happy you are up and running!

Dee, I'm glad you are happy with the gift certificate.
Sorry for the lateness on the other part of your package.I have a few other things for you and will get them out to you on Monday or Tues. This cold has just knocked me down and I'm on the 2nd round of antibiotics. I went to Peoria yesterday, but due to feeling so crappy I was back home by noon, passed the computer and went straight to bed; did I mention I'm tired of Chicken Noodle Soup.(and yes, I'm a soup lover)

Theresa, I'm happy you are not without a job, and I know it must be happy/sad that you have a job, but have to teach someplace else; that just sucks, and I'm sure your students will miss you. Teachers like nurses are both underpaid and overworked. They expect more with less, and I know this is with every job, but it still sucks.

Margaret, Susie always sends such great packages.

Susie I love your Frog, and hope to chat with you today!

Everyone else HELLOOOOOO!

I need more coffee,

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My ST PATTIES BOX Is Here :)) & Its Not Just for me Margaret
Has Included these also

For Peanut My DOG A BEEF OGGLE Treat she enjoying it now .
For My "Father" A Pk of OATMEAL COOKIES :))
For My Cat " GOLDIE" A FEATHER WREATH Way To Cute :)
& For "MARGARET" A WORD SEARCH BOOK she loves these .


GREEN Microfiber cleaning cloth I Use these allot trully I do
Shamrock bootie socks :)
GREEN Marshmellow frogs TREATS
2 Green Miracle gro singles
Green Handle Garden Pruning Shears
GREEN Frog water gauge
Honey Almond "BATH SOAK "
PK Of Copper Plant label's that I do need today :) I'm Potting up dahlias

You Done so good I love to share with daddy He don't get much mail so he thinks its great when he gets anything :) ty so much :)

well I been potting up my Dahlias & Run out of dirt so I need to go to town . ty ty ty .
Have a great weekend


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pat_6(z6 NE KY)

Hi, Everyone! I kind of dropped off the boards last fall with so many things to do. This is the first time I've followed up in a long time. Glad to see so many familiar people still here.

Vic - I just wanted to add my voice to the chorus for Bluestone Perennials. I've ordered from them at least 1/2 dozen times with good success. And, if you can wait that long (or keep it in mind for later) they always (at least for the past 3 years) have a 1/2 price sale Memorial Day weekend. I try to wait until then and pick up a lot of bargains.

If you're looking for daylilies, I have had absolutely WONDERFUL luck with Blue Ridge Daylilies (.com) You can also find them selling on ebay as blueridgebuttons, though I have no idea why that name. I've ordered from them both through their site and through eBay. The daylilies they sent were sooo big I just can't explain it! They fans looked more like irises than dls.

I hope that's of some help to you.


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Theresa24(8b/9a NE FL)

Thank you all for the well-wishes on the job situation. DS will be staying at the school as it is our home school (one mile away) and I hope to get back there. He has been there for 4 years so no reason to move him. He is not upset that I won't be there next year but upset that he will not be able to hang out with his other teachers' kids friends after school on the playground. LOL...I am so loved :) Yes, hopefully things turn out okay. However it turns out, it will be better than nothing which is what many teachers will end up with. It's a sad state of affairs.

Susie, sounds like you had a fun shopping trip. I'd love one of those shop-til-you-drop days. Haven't had one in far too long. Hope you are feeling better. Good luck with those eggs!

Dee thanks for the tip on - I had never heard of them.

I had a great day in the garden today planting out seedlings that were outgrowing their little pots. Spring is definitley here and Azaleas are in full bloom.

So where are we on the March swap? Should I start planning to post the April swap soon?


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Theresa, go ahead and post the April swap info if you wish, that way you can take sign-ups until the end of March, that will give more folks time to decide to join too.
I am glad you are keeping a job, this is so bad for everyone. Teaching used to be a secure job, seems nothing is secure anymore.

Hey ladies, glad all is well.
I will check the post again tomorrow to see who has sent and received and get that posted. I have been so busy here I haven't had time for much else.

Ok, I am off to bed...night everyone!

:) Fran

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Fran I think this is how we stand on this month good to have you back .
skohler-Susie RECEIVED
faintheart- Dee RECEIVED



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Thanks Susie,
We have Dish Network here now hooking up our satellite TV and we unloaded 2 loads of wood compost in the driveway already and I am taking a short break and thought I would come check on the thread and see if I could figure out who had sent and received so far. Thanks for doing that for me!

We are putting in the compost in hopes of drying up come of the water that stands there when it rains and then the red mud just makes it impossible to get around the parking/driveway area! We spin and slip and slide all over trying to get out, which makes an awful muddy mess. So we hope this helps some then we plan to get gravel and put on top of that!
I hope the plan works like I have in my head hehe, it was my idea and if it doesn't work he will gripe at me!

Well, as soon as Annie post that she has received and Theresa post the NEW April thread I guess we will switch over to that one...

Again I am sorry I didn't get to play, it sounds like everyone received some really good goodies!


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HI, Ladies-I have been outside working & it feels so great. In the middles 60's today & supposed to be in the 70's tomorrow.

Susie_ Did I not send you a large bulb (elephant ear) in your package? I thought I did but if not let me know. I planted them for the 1st time last year & just love them. I tried to get chocolate ones to send to my ladies I am sending to but couldn't find. I am glad you enjoyed everything. It was fun shopping for the dog & cat.

I promised myself I would stay away from the GW until I got my kitchen done today, then my DH asked me to help him get leaves raked up (I wanted to compost them) so he could take them to our city place for them. He Won as I now pick my battles & that wasn't one I was up for! Maybe next time I will be. I really never have had a compost pile but have been wanting to.

To all-Hope you weather is pleasant there & you are enjoying it! Must get back to the kitchen. Blessings, Margaret

Remy-I think you are having too much fun (just because I am envious).

I will bbe getting my box out sometime this week, I hope.

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Margaret our weather has been cold and rainy all weekend. We need the rain so can't complain but man I sure do want to get outside there is so much that needs to be done here.

I have a compost pile, I do recommend it. Although the last one I had that was ready to be used my SO spread it out on the garden area and now that is wasted because we moved and whoever moves there next will surely NOT have a garden there!

I had started another smaller one and had been adding to it at least 2x a month I would save the stuff inside when we moved I brought it with me! To valuable to leave it behind lol!

Well I have had this post going for about 2 hours now I am ready to post it now hehe, was on the phone and then company in the yard...

:) Fran

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Good Morning Ladies!

I hope all are well.

Dee, did you get your prize package? It should have been delivered by now.

I'm waiting to see what the theme for next month will be, looking forward to the nice weather when I can swap some plants.

Have a great day everyone


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MARGARET : No EE I see on the Note EE But No EE
I planted a Green one 2-3 yrs ago in the from it got huge
& I got it dug up to bring into the house till it died off cut back all the leaves down to the bulb stored it down in the well pit but it got to cold that year & it froze .
But I would love to try one . when my friend & i was out last week Flower basket had the green ones but Yungmi & I was looking for the chocolate or black ones but no one had any in our area . so thank you for the thought but you really sent a very nice box & I was just as Pleased :) So you do not have to go to the extra exspence :) .
well it is going to be a very nice day & I need to go buy some fencing so you all have a great day .


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Susie-I was packing a box for a young man in Afghanistan when I packed yours & mailed both at the same time. I hope I didn't send it to him! Would he be surprised & I doubt it would grow there! I keep telling myself to slow down but no luck in doing it so far. It isn't that I don't have enough time, I just don't use my time wisely. I really think it is too late now to do anything about it.

Another beautiful day here with temps in the 70's. I do so hope I get to work outside some. I can't wait to see some of my bulbs coming up I planted last fall. Some of you have already seen the works of your labor & isn't it wonderful? I really enjoy the pictures posted here & other sites.

Back to work so have a great St.Patrick's Day, all. Blessings, Margaret

May there always be work for your hands to do, May your purse always hold a coin or two. May the sun always shine warm on your windowpane, May a rainbow be certain to follow each rain. May the hand of a friend always be near you, And may God fill your heart with gladness to cheer you. Irish blessing

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HAPPY St. Patricks Day

Hello everyone,
I hope today is a fabulous day for all. Our weather finally broke it is sunny and posed to be about 70 today so I can FINALLY do some much needed things outside!
So if it is great weather today for you too, I surely hope you can get out and enjoy a little of it!

Happy St Patrick's Day to you whether you are Irish or not!
Hope you remembered to wear something GREEN

Well, this on has been in the making since 11 am I was in the process of typing it when the SO came in a said let's go and we ended up staying gone a while LOL.

:) Fran

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faintheart(z4b IA)

Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!!!

Annie, your box went out this morning...again my apologies for making you wait! When work takes over my weekend I get a little DC #0306 3030 0001 6411 6459 Hope you are feeling much better and enjoy your package!

Lisa, no, I have not received anything as of yet but no worry. I just played for fun!

Fran, glad to see you are getting settled in. BTW, would you send me your new address as I have a few things to share from the "spring me a surprise" seed swap if you want them. :-)

I've got the corned beef in the crockpot and my daughter has the soda bread on the rise. Time to get the cabbage in a pot.

Have a great evening everyone!


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I'm sorry! I sent it wel over a week ago. I'll send you another prize package and if you get both then good for you. Please email me your addy again.


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Just thought i would post here that thresea has the PP April swap posted so Hope you check it out .


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Dee, No problem at all, and I will let you know when it comes. I still have to mail out the rest of your package also but I had a detour... I've been visiting a friend that was diagnosed with breast cancer on Monday. I believe they are going to do some surgery on Friday, to what extent, I don't know. Please keep her in your thoughts as she starts her journey.

It was a beautiful day yesterday, and DH raked, raked and raked some more, and yes, I'm very thankful. I just hope he didn't rake so hard as to rake up the markers along with the leaves.

It is not as warm today, and I believe we are suppose to get some rain.

Hello to everyone else..........and I hope all is good with everyone.

I will check back later,

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Dee, DH said your box arrived, He opened it for me, and my goodness woman, you went way over and beyond. I wrote down all the contents as he was telling me so here goes

A Homemade/handpainted bird house!I can't wait to see it, I'm so excited, and DH stated in your card that your DH made it and Missy painted it. Please, Please thank them for me.

2 Suet cakes for my goldfinches :O) :O)

Green tea and cucumber Fragrant Sashet

Osmocote pot shots/plant food nuggets.

Oriental lily Mona Lisa; I'm thrilled.

2 Asiatic liliums liberation, just beautiful

T-Label garden markers

Note cards

sticky notes

garden gloves

8 piece set of kitchen towels, potholders and dishcloth

If that wasn't enough, you sent the following seeds. I love sunflowers, and feed the birds, so all of these will be put to good use.

Velvet Queen
Peach Passion
Autumn Beauty
Iris Eyes.

Dee, again, you went above and beyond, and I thank you!

Oh yes, here are the confirmation numbers for your other package, and little something for Missy. I don't know what number goes with which one, but here they are, and I'm sorry for the lateness.
0308 3390 0000 5642 0401
0308 3390 0000 5642 0425

If I have missed something please let me know!

Time for Bed,

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faintheart(z4b IA)

Awwww...I am glad it got're welcome! :)

How is your friend doing? She has been in my thoughts and prayers.

Sweet dreams,

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faintheart(z4b IA)

Annie, a package arrived for me today. Thank you SO much for the hummingbird feeder and nectar mix, the plant markers, and the beautiful breast cancer awareness bracelet!!! I was in need of a new feeder for the hummers. The markers will be put to use tonight as I am hoping to start some things inside. The bracelet is so pretty and very special!

Thank you again for the gift cert. and everything!!!


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Hey looks like everyone has received this month.
Again I am sorry I did not get to join this month. I have been so busy. I haven't had time to post much either. I am here checking on the post now, I have to post something in another one and then I am off to bed!

I hope everyone had fun, Susie, I didn't realize I had partnered you with someone you had just been partnered with, when I posted the partners I was just trying to meet the deadline for partners being posted. I hope you really didn't mind. You both sent really get boxes to each other so I hope it worked out ok for you two.
Again I am sorry for that.

:) Fran

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Dee, I'm glad your package was delivered but I see Missy's wasn't; maybe today. I was getting over a cold and got hit with the stomach virus. I came home Sunday, but will return to work tonight.

Fran, thank you so much for hosting this month. Are you getting all unpacked, and settled in?

I hope everyone has a great day!

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