Moving to Silver City NM area

cave76(8)October 31, 2007

I currently live near San Francisco CA.

The climate near Silver City and the altitude will be new for me, but I'm excited.

First question:

I have a healthy (outdoor) potted Meyer's lemon tree (lots of lemons on it right now)

Do you think it will be O.K. in it's new home?

Do you think it would better kept in a pot or put in the ground next spring?

Or should I sell it to a 'good home'.

I also have a beautiful large potted Mexican Sage (Salvia?)which I'd love to put in the ground in NM so it can spread.

Will it do O.K., even though I know it would die back in the winter?

So many question. So little time left before I move.


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I would keep the lemons in a pot and bring in in the winter.I dont think they would make it outside.

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Lemons will die outside no question. Silver City gets cold and snow.

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O.K., I think that answers my question. I doubt if I'll try to bring it indoors in the winter.

The lemon will have to sold or given to a good home.

Thanks you who answered.

Any ideas about the Mexican Sage (a type of salvia I think)

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Mexican bush sage should be root hardy. I would mulch it heavily but should come back in Spring. Welcome to NM! Silver City is a trip. I have several friends there and love to visit throughout the year.
A Bay Area transplant myself, I really love the wide open spaces and vistas that NM provides in such abundance.

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Have you made the trek to Silver City yet? If so, I hope it is to your liking. You can still have beautiful gardens there, with a lot of the cold hardy Mediterranean plants which will be drought tolerant and remind you of the Bay Area as well as some lovely cold hardy agaves and yuccas.
Spring comes earlier to Southern NM than the rest of the state. If you can't find the nursery plants you are looking for locally, there are several excellent nurseries in Las Cruces and El Paso, and High Country Gardens in Santa Fe has a great mail order business. Check out their website.

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Hi desertllvr,,

Well WHEW---- got moved in the day before Thanksgiving. (Yeah, I'm tardy coming back to this forum)

I wound up giving away or selling my few prized plants to good homes and only brought the large pot of Mex. salvia.

I've cut it back and it's tucked away in a corner on the porch where I hope it survives.

I'm 'mostly' unpacked and 'mostly' settled in. I wound up car-less (long story) and just got a new (to me) one a few weeks ago so I'll be able to start to explore when the weather gets better.

I love it here so far. I like the desert and all the sunshine, although I came from a great area too. All I really miss is the varied cuisine of CA.

So---I'd love to start 'meeting' others when the chance occurs. Online or perhaps even at a coffee shop in Silver City sometime later.

And I'll have many newbie questions about plants, but due to health reasons I doubt if I'll be putting in much of a garden. I can live vicariously.

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