Need advice on moving dasylirions.

Infinity(8a Texas)November 7, 2004

Could anyone give me advice on when to move dasylirions and if it is just not a good they have a deep tap root? Do not want to lose these. Any help is greatly appreciated.These are 20 year old plants.


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I have never moved them before .. sorry.

Transplanting is always risky and tends to be more of a problem with age since bigger root systems make damage to roots more likely unless a large enough hole is excavated ... you may need to check out pro help that will have the large gear needed to make such transplants ... trees as large as houses can be moved if done right.

Making reference to Mary & Garry Irish's book, " Agave Yuccas And Related Plants .. A gardeners Guide" ( By the way a great book ) ... I will paraphrase ...

Stemless plants such as Dasylirion can be moved with greater success if moved when stemless ... Dasylirion is best moved when the weather is cooler but not cold ( perhaps early spring in your area ? ) .. this is advisable since watering is needed to establish roots BUT the transplanted roots are also very prone to rot .. so warm weather transplanting is not a good idea ... if the new site has more sun then the original site some artificial shade will helpful to transition the plant. It is much better to move plants when stemless.

I think a key factor is : Do you have the man or machine power to move the plants with enough care to avoid damage to the roots and stems ?? Transplanting is always a bit of a gamble.

Myself ... I have not seen the situation but I would only move the plants if I had to move them and commited to using the right gear ... big plants are heavy.

Good Luck.

Good Day ...

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Infinity(8a Texas)

Thanks so much for your help. I really love these and do not want to lose them. Where they are will be very tricky to dig...on a steep slope. I "may" try the smallest one early spring. You have helped me to decide not to move. They are getting over taken by some sea green junipers. I will just do something about them instead.
Also thanks for the tip on the book! I have gone agave crazy since finding out so many will make it here. I have several getting to be nice size..tiny little things when I got them at a Target store in the house plants.

Appreciate you much Mohave Kid!

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"They are getting over taken by some sea green junipers. I will just do something about them instead. "

Good Idea ! ..

You will love the book. Keep in touch.

Good Day ...

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