Finally stopped over analyzing and got my

ming001(8)April 11, 2009

plants in the ground including seeds.


Except that last night we got torrential down pours here in Atlanta. I didn't have enough screen to cover all the seeds I had sown and now I wonder if some of the tiny ones like the carrots could have been bounced out of Mel's mix since it's so friable. No, I didn't put down mulch yet.

Do I leave the fate of my carrots etc up to the garden gods? Or should I just replant and try to cover?

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heather38(6a E,Coast)

I was about to skip this and not answer and then my brain said does not comput and I had to give it ohh 3 seconds thought! I thought do both and neither! to explain, I don't plant alot of seeds if rain is coming cos I figure the rain will do the work for me however in Sq/ft we need to be a bit more precise! that said, look at the germination time mulch now, if you can't see anything in the germination time replant and if you old seeds come up they are two weeks ahead and thin them when they are tiny but viable to eat! hope this helps I have stupid stuff happen on a daily basis and I just "pick my self up, dust myself down...." PS I am what I like to call a slack gardener!

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Thanks Heather! We put in the drip lines today. Lesson learned: Install and then plant. So I went ahead and just preplanted the carrots. I figured everything else was on it's own. I'll do what you suggest and if I don't see anything sprout in a timely basis, just start all over.

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I woke up today to the realization that the squash plants are on the wrong end of the box and I need to go out and flip everything. Including the cauliflower seed I planted just to see what happened.

I am looking forward to next year's garden when I have all the kinks worked out! I am used to planting shrubs, trees, flowers etc and just plopping them in and letting them be. Not nearly as much planning and agonizing!

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hey if we dont have some cliches in our plans how do we learn anything.trialby error is fun.its early in the season if you have messed up you got plenty of time to correct it.enjoy the outdoors thank god for what u have and think what the veggies will taste like on the back patio with your feet propped up and everyone complimenting you on a marvelous meal.

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