That fragrant smell.... normal?

bananastandApril 19, 2010

OK guys-- when I water my SFG in the morning, I have to tell you: it smells like a farm field freshly spread with manure. I can smell it clean across the yard. Some of the compost I used for my Mel's mix was bagged composted cow manure bought at Farm and Fleet. About 50% of it was from my own backyard composting operation. About 15% of it was bagged mushroom compost from my local landscape center. The rest was bagged manure. Of course with the requisite additions of peat and vermiculite for the rest.

Should I be worried that it smells so..... poopy? Or is that normal? Sorry if this is a total newbie question.

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"The rest was bagged manure."
Does that mean it wasnt composted? Animal manures should be composted and that could be the source of your smell. The mushroom compost could have a strong "earthy" smell also.

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The bagged manure was composted, yes. And the mushroom compost was stinky right out of the bag!

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