Plants and Music

USSeptember 22, 1998


We desperatly need information about the effect different types of music have on the growth of plants. Anyone, please tell us about web sites or books, mag. anything! Where can we find this information.


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bryan@tranquil glen

i think music will help plants!!! depends on how close you sing to them and how much you breath on them as you sing. but then again there is the fact "the best fertilizer is the gardeners shadow". your constant attention to what you are play to them may help.would be interesting to see. maybe i will try testing my house plants two months classical two months jazz two months rap two months cajun two months blues and so on. we will see which kind the plants like. i will have to do the rap next summer when i'm out side most of the time.

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Hi. I'm researching plants and talking. If you can give information or know of studies, please let me know real soon. Thanks. 2-19-99

Here are some sites about plants and talking:

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I need some help. I am doing a science project on plants and music and I some info on them or a place were I can get some. Please help me.

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I need to know some expert info on plants, sounds and how they respond

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Frances(7-8 TX)

I would really appreciate it if anyone who has found information on the effects music has on plant growth could email the links to me. I have an Independent Study to do for Biology at school and have chosen this subject.
I'm in Year 11 and am really needing anyone's help!
Thanks a bunch in advance

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Candice McGowan

I have been looking on info. on this too, however, i cannot find it, so ANYOOOOONNNNEEEEE!
If anybody knows, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEEEEEZE help! :(

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Pepi No.Calif - usda 8,

Hmm, didn't Martha Stuart have a thing on one her shows recently about singing to plants?

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Bunny(Z4/5 Ontario)

hey I'm doing this science fair project and I'm testing the effects of two diferent types of music(salsa and pop) on turnips(they were the only seeds I could find on such late notice) but I could always use ideas on how to grow tham thanx so much. Stay frosty-

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Gardenweb has 232 notes on music and plants But no one tells us 'what is music'?

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im doing a science project on plants and the effect of music on them, so if you have any information that would help me pleassssse email me.

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I need information on music's effect on plants and i need it as fast as the wind

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HI! I have a science fair and my topic is: What type of music works best on growing plants? Could you please give me a list of different kinds of music and tell me about them and what effects have they known to have on plants. Also, please could you give me information about how plants hear? Thanks, and PLEASE write a response back to me SOON!
And also some helpful sites that could help me, or possibly books. Thanks a lot!

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Kristin(z6 MI)

Hi, I'm writing an extended essay in biology about the effect different kinds of music/sounds/stress have on plants.(seeds, young and mature plants) If anyone knew about website addresses, magazines, books (serious ones.. please) or anything else that would be of help, I'd really appreciate it if you could send me a mail. Thanks... :D

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HI! I am in the process of doing a science fair and if anyone has any research then please email it to me. Also after I am through with this (Feb. 16, 2001) I will be happy to help anyone else with my findings.

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Hi Ivory! Thanks ssssssssssoooooooooooooo much for that webpage! It helped a lot! I will remember that! All people needing help go to the webpage above! It is great! Thanks again!

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charles(8 - GA)

music has no effect on plants
deciding which type of white American music most influences plants is insanity.
You must control for all the variables and not assume that since one plant blossomed first it prefers Billy
Rae Cyrus over Dwight Oakum is absolute nonsense. There are other variables which you are not
acounting for and your sample is way too small or too few to draw any valid conclusions.

Music has no influence on plants unless it holds the farmer in the field
the best fertilizer is the farmer's shadow

any teacher who assigns this must be joking

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Thank you so much, Charles.

Maybe the teacher is helping these people learn about the scientific method. I certainly hope so. Our society is turning into a mass of credulous morons.

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my partner an i are working on a science project together and we need to know if music has any affect on plants. If you can please e-mail me if you know anything about the way music affects plants please write back or e-maol me.
Thank You,
Hendrucho Elpimpion

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In a book I have it mentions this: Classical music and Indian devotional music had positive growth effects on plants. Country music and silence did no harm or help. Plants exposed to rock music showed poor growth rates. White noise caused the quick death of plants.
Of course this book is entitled - "The Handy Science Answer Book" and is not meant as a study guide or reference but most of their mateial is correct.

Have fun

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Sierra(Z6 KY)

Hey all you sexee guys!
Oops forgot...i wanted to ask if any one know anything about music and the effect it has on plants if so email me cuz it for my sis!

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Music and Plants..........Hummmmmmm, well, maybe if I could sing better it would make a difference. You know what? It doesn't.
I think this is an interesting topic, but there are more important things.

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Hi! I'm a 7th grader and am doing an expirement on the effect (if any) of different kinds of music on flowers. PLEASE tell me if you find ANYTHING!!!!!

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HELP ME! I REALLY need info on music helping/hurting plants!

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Can anyone please help with any studies on the iffects music has on the growth of plants.Thanks.

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sodapop(PA, USA)

I know some good sites on how music affects plants. I myself am an 8th grader trying out three types of music on my plants for the Science Fair. A wonderful site for finding info on this topic is at: ""

A website describing this project, already finished, is at
"" It was done by a fourth grader, but, hey-- it works. Hope this helps.

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To those of you who believe that research to see whether or not music has any effect whatsoever on a plant, i have a question...if you must be so terribly cynical of people who might have an interest we would like to research to see if there is any correlation between music and plant growth, WHY DID YOU COME TO THIS FORUM? I, personally, have found that my primrose study is revealing that possibly classical music is better than rock, and rock is better than none at all. To everyone who is testing this experiment for him or herself, I wish you the best of luck. To the cynics, either help or leave, as far as I'm concerned. You're not helping those who truly desire knowledge, nor are you helping yourselves.

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In 1973, a woman named Dorothy Retallack published a small book called The Sound of Music and Plants. Her book detailed experiments that she had been conducting at the Colorado WomanÂs College in Denver using the schoolÂs three Biotronic Control Chambers. Mrs. Retallack placed plants in each chamber and speakers through which she played sounds and particular styles of music. She watched the plants and recorded their progress daily. She was astounded at what she discovered.
Her first experiment was to simply play a constant tone. In the first of the three chambers, she played a steady tone continuously for eight hours. In the second, she played the tone for three hours intermittently, and in the third chamber, she played no tone at all. The plants in the first chamber, with the constant tone, died within fourteen days. The plants in the second chamber grew abundantly and were extremely healthy, even more so than the plants in the third chamber. This was a very interesting outcome, very similar to the results that were obtained from experiments performed by the Muzak Corporation in the early 1940s to determine the effect of "background music" on factory workers. When music was played continuously, the workers were more fatigued and less productive, when played for several hours only, several times a day, the workers were more productive, and more alert and attentive than when no music was played

Here is a link that might be useful: if you are interested then go to this website....and stop being a dick charles

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please help me i am trying to find what music is best for plants

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To both charles and mark, thanks for being complete morons. Maybe if you'd figured out that these people could have been in grades 5-7, you might have responded differently knowing these are kids. Does it make you feel really good inside to tease 11-13 year olds and call them idiots? Or are you just stupid enough to just march right into a topic of which people need help on and say things that have no particular place here?

And charles, stop posting the same stupid message on every other topic. If you say others are idiots, you obviously can't even capitalize or say anything but what the best fertilizer is, so i'd call you a total hypocrite. Both of you, go away until you have something productive to but in the topic. Morons.

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My real name is Kandy and am a 22 year old women. I am doing some resurch on plants and music and how it affects the plant. I see that you are all asking the same question, so i wont ask. I wanted to know Flamestike, your idea on this subject? You seem to know, I think anyways. O and by the way what is your asl (age-sex-location) You dont't have to i just wanted to know.
thanks guys
Kandy Cane

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tsk tsk tsk charles and mark!!! even I, a mere teenager knows that you are the true morons... :) oh well, some people never learn... n-e-way, as I said i am a teen and I am doing a science project for Biology class. I am testing to see which of the following three, if any, are better for growing plants. 1 country music, 2 no music, or 3 the soundtrack to "The Sixth Sense" (basically spooky instramental music). I will be testing this on Carolina Fast Plants. I have two questions. 1. where can I get around 45 CFP and 2. if there are any good websites (other than dovesong) out there that could give me any good background information. Thanx a bundle!
you can just call me doyle

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arrg, sorry i posted something but i guess i didn't press the right button so i'll type it again...
does anyone here know how to cite this gosh-darn website? i will loose points if i cite it the wrong way!
what i need is the:
author of this site
date created or last revised
sponsoring or associated institution
thanx a bundle
see ya,

    Bookmark   November 4, 2003 at 12:18AM
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