pavers for lawn (and pee)

chriso4012November 12, 2007

Hi , i'm new so sorry if i'm in the wrong place:

Want to replace my lawn with pavers/ thyme. I know it looks good as a small patio, but does anyone have any idea if this is realistic for a 700 sq ft area? If i space them 8" apart do you think that would cut down on the heat problem? Gets 100 here some days. Also if anyone knows dogs---do you think there would be a dog pee smell problem? ( impregnating the pavers forever)


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Pavers are wonderful. I have about 13,000 sq. ft. around my home/driveway, etc. However, the pavers and the ground between them will over time develop quite an odor. My dogs (Irish Setter & Yello Lab) have been trained to go potty in a designated area at the corner of our property. I keep a lined trash can and poop bags in the same area. Pickup is once per day. The ground is covered with wood chips. I refresh the wood chips each spring at the same time that we put new chips in the planters. There is still some odor, but not too bad. If you do something like this, choose an area that directs the odor away from your outdoor living area.

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I use gypsum to deodorize on grassy areas where the dogs like to pee. It is supposed to neutralize the acid in the urine. It does make a good difference.

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