AeroGrow Garden.Perfect For Children. 4 Sale.

floridabear(10b)September 2, 2008

I am selling a BRAND NEW never used AeroGrow garden. I have the 'Classic' unit, it is the 'big' garden, that has 7 growplugs in it. It is the white colored one,and has a 1 year full warranty with it. They will replace anything on it, IF anything goes wrong. I have 3 gardens already growing tomatos and herbs. This is perfect for children, they can see seeds sprout,grow and mature to fruiting sized plants. Or grow flowers and get their own flower bouquet!

VERY simple to use. They can do most of the 'work',parents need to do very little. But your children can see where vegetables really come from and they grow super fast and no soil or bugs. Safe fertilizer tablets are the only 'chemical' that you need to put in for them,if they are VERY young. I will sell it for only $100.00, they cost $150.00 in stores and online.

I have AeroGrows newest and soldout seedkit, that I will sell with this garden for an extra $20. It is called 'Spring Bouquet'. I dont have the 'standard' herb seedkit that come with this unit. email me directly with any questions or a firm offer. Hope this is ok to post,it might be someone gets it.

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petzold6596(8b southern NM)

Thanks for the info.

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