Witloef (Belgian Endive)

doiturselfer(8)April 12, 2011

Hi. I've searched this one but can't find any postings about witloef. This is the chicory that you dig up the roots in the fall, put them in the dark, and then start to force them late winter. Here's a link: Witloef . No info on the recommended planting distances. I'm thinking one per foot, but I've never grown these at all so no idea of what their spread is. The packet says to put them 12" apart in rows. Ideas?

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6 inches per plant

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Really? 6 inches? Wow, that's closer than I would have imagined. RibsyHuggins (perhaps a Cleary fan?) have you grown witloef? I'm not planning to eat the tops during the summer--only the winter...

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