Planting Grocery Store Fruit Seed

penny1947(z6 WNY)October 17, 2003

I saved the pit from some fantastic nectarines I bought a couple of weeks ago and also from some Concord Grapes. My stepdaughter loves to plant things with me and I thought these would be two good seeds to try out. Do I break open the pit to get to the nectarine seed or do we plant the whole pit out in the garden? With the grape seeds do we sow those now or wait until spring.

Thanks in advance for any help here.


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Rocky Grewal

plant the whole pit

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Some people break open the pit because it makes the seed grow faster, but I just put the whole thing in a wet paper towel in a baggie and waited a week or so until it broke the pit itself and started sending out roots. Then I planted it outside. I've never planted grapes, but I'd imagine you'd have better luck in spring than winter; if you have a lot you could plant some now and plant some later and see what works best.
Good luck!

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