Please critique my garden plan!

jewlz2121April 9, 2013

First time ever doing a plan friends, so be gentle! I'm still anxiously awaiting my ANSFG book in the mail, so the spacing amounts per square is just what put there. If you have any comments in regards to spacing as well as placement, that would be appreciated. Or any suggestions as to what to do with my empty squares. If you can't tell, there is 4 walls made from cattle panel and one arch. Oh, Basil...I didn't include anywhere because from what I've read on this forum, I can just plant it under my tomato plants? We'll see!

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gumby_ct(CT it says Z5)

Basil needs sun, lots of it, to do well. Tomato plants will block the sun, tho I try to plant basil in between tomato plants or in the corners of the bed nearest the sun.

The diagram is hard to tell directions N-S-E-W?

Larger plants will grow & climb towards the sun, esp. pumpkin & squash or zukes.

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North is to the right, south on the left, west is top, east is bottom. I'll try something different with the basil if it needs more sun, thanks. The pumpkins are baby sugar pumpkins and they'll be growing up a cattle panel archway.

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gumby_ct(CT it says Z5)

Ok so generally speaking you will want to plant any taller plants on the north side. I don't know what those round dark objects are in the SE corner? or those 2 rectangles on the N side? Most of the other plants are impossible for me to make out.

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The dark round objects are containers that house my perennial herbs and smaller pot tomatoes. The 2 rectangles on the north are cattle panel trellis. I don't have room for all tomatoes on the north, so I planted some on the west as well.

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gumby_ct(CT it says Z5)

So you are either canning or feeding the neighborhood?

lol, just kidding, you have plenty of room and it is your garden. I know in my garden tomatoes grow like weeds and sprout up everywhere.

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My goal is to hopefully grow enough for my family of 4 and have lots of fresh veggies to bring with me when volunteering at the food bank. :)

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gumby_ct(CT it says Z5)

I think you will have that and more. The great thing about your layout is you will see where some plants are happy and others not happy.

Gardening is one huge experiment. The are no rules only guidelines.

Gardeners strive to improve things each year. I learned to write things in my garden book because by next year I will forget what worked or what needs improvement.

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Regarding (Genovese) basil, last year I grew it around the perimeter of the tomato bed, as well as in pots on the patio. A dozen plants gave me more than enough for fresh use all summer and to freeze a bunch of pesto for winter. I'd gather a very large bowl's worth of leaves every few weeks. The plants around the tomato bed did get shaded out later in the season as the tomatoes got big, but they still produced well, just more slowly.

This year, I'm going to grow 2 squares (4 plants each) in my SFG to compare. My chief pesto eater is going off to college in the fall so I shouldn't need as much for the freezer. Now watch, the plants will like the SFG so much they'll get twice as big and I'll still be drowning in it. ;)

Your plan looks great. :) I second the suggestion for keeping good notes on planting dates and what-did-well-where. It's invaluable information.

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Square Foot Gardening Planner gives the various seasons gardening plan. It tells about the preparation of gardens according the plants seasons requirements including types of soil and exact compost and water requirements. It teaches us the full planning about the gardening from cultivation to reeping.

Here is a link that might be useful: square foot gardening planner

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i am always leary of people selling things or posting links but even moreso when they post links to things within minutes of registering for a forum
click at your own risk

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