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dmclApril 16, 2014

Hello--I've attached a photo of the watering system I use, which I've evolved from a method employed by Charles Ledgerwood, a seed purveyor in Carlsbad, Calif. until his death a few years back. He described himself as a "retired Rainbird installer for the city", and that his system was the exact opposite of the high-pressure method; he used PVC pipes as 'tanks', with leak-holes drilled in them.
His rows were watered with straight pipes connected with a manifold at one end. I believe they were glued together, but maybe not. In any case at one point I started simply pushing the pieces together, which works fine since there's virtually no pressure.
From there it turned out to be convenient to turn corners using angles--after awhile the squares evolved, naturally. I don't know a lot about the square foot gardening system other than how useful it is to divide a plot up that way, but it seems obvious to me that this method of watering could facilitate the technique.

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That's fine but some people used just 2 lines of PVC pipe going into their beds. The water soaking the general area would still be able to cover the bed.

However, that probably depends on other factors such as how many holes, how far apart they are, etc

So for example, in your system, you could probably do without a fully 3x3 grid. Maybe just a big 1x3 either horizontally or vertically (in the picture) and then use the other pieces for another bed.

Others also use adapaters from PVC pipe to hose fittings then run soaker hoses through their beds though the delivery system comes through PVC pipes or garden hoses.

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