kids teepee from beans, melons, etc.

lovemyhubby(5 IL.)December 30, 2002

I have already cut lots of little saplings out of our woods to make nice long stakes for making teepees for the kids this year and wondered what would be the best thing to use. I even though I would put some here and there in the woods using shade loving plants such as melons etc. What is your suggestion for plants?? I thought I would use yard long green beans on one and those little pumpkins on another and maybe hyathin bean vine on yet another but would love to do more. Let me know your ideas? And is there a way for me to do a tunnel you think without the middle support to walk around? I was thinking some kind of long 10-20 foot long 3ft wide tunnel but without the stakes in the middle to keep it up. I'm not an architect by all means. keep in mind that I have little cash but 55 acres of woods to get saplings and sticks from.

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Pole and scarlet runner beans come to mind first. Cucumbers will grow up poles.

I don't dare guess on the structure. I know just enough to be dangerous! Good luck!

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beachcitymom(Southern CA)

WOW! 55 acres! That sounds like heaven. I've seen "Jack and the Beanstalk" kits that show how to make a playhouse out of runner beans. I bet they'd climb up your poles quite nicely. I'd be inclined to stay away from melons unless you have a way to support them on the vine. Ours have gotten really heavy, and I can't imagine them growing up over the kids heads.


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