Greenhouse projects for kids

kelyn(9)December 3, 2012

My 6 yr old (soon to be 7) grandson wants a greenhouse for Christmas. I am getting him a small portable one (4x4 and tall enough for me to stand in.) His plan is to grow plants from seeds and sell them for $1 at the end of his driveway. Can you recommend any seeds for me to start him on this project? He lives in Fort Worth (I'm in Houston area). We will be making seed pots from newspapers.

Thank you for any help for this budding horticulturist! He loves planting and we have had fun with both his and my gardens.

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The Earth is wrapped in a blanket of air called the 'atmosphere', which is made up of several layers of gases. The sun is much hotter than the Earth and it gives off rays of heat (radiation) that travel through the atmosphere and reach the Earth. The rays of the sun warm the Earth, and heat from the Earth then travels back into the atmosphere. The gases in the atmosphere stop some of the heat from escaping into space. These gases are called greenhouse gases and the natural process between the sun, the atmosphere and the Earth is called the 'Greenhouse Effect', because it works the same way as a greenhouse. The windows of a greenhouse play the same role as the gases in the atmosphere, keeping some of the heat inside the greenhouse.

Here is a link that might be useful: cook for book

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