Weed Barriers

magdelenaApril 5, 2009

I searched the SFG forum for weed barrier discussions, got a list of results but every time I tried to view a result, I would get a messages saying:


I couldn't find that message, but there are plenty more in the Square Foot Gardening Forum.

You also might want to look at the complete list of GardenWeb Forums.

Or, search the entire GardenWeb site for:"

What's with that? I can't view anything from a search of the SFG forum.

I am desperate to figure out what weed barrier to use on top of Zoysia before I put down my boxes and soil. I don't want to use plastic or a Dupont made barrier. I want to use something sustainable, something organic, something that's not bad for the earth in it's manufacturing and use - something that's healthy for the food I want to grow on top of it.

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Hello. I just flattened some cardboard boxes to lay under my beds. It has worked well for me. Good luck!

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I also used cardboard, but I'm new to SFG and raised beds. I figured the grass would die, but the roots of the veggies would be able to penetrate the cardboard by the time they got that long. I have used cardboard as mulch in my vegetable garden with great success.

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I have been getting the error message on a lot of my searches as well. I think there was some corruption on the hard drives of the server. I haven't found any official post but I haven't looked to hard either.

Back to weed barrier. I put it down under my beds and about 3 feet around the border. I will put a chicken wire fence around the edge of the barrier to help keep critter out. I did not have any card board but I have crab grass and had the barrier cloth so put it down. I think next spring I will cut down in to it to let the worms in.

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There's a problem with GW this weekend. They have been putting tech updates in red lettering about the list of messages. Should be fixed Monday.

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put down cardboard from dumpster last fall from work ,covered with a foot of chopped yard leaves,put boxes over this barrier,scratched leaves back this spring cardboard now is cosistancy of milk soaked cereal,worms will have an easy path by warm weather to munch in my raised bed,would recomend poking holes in cardboard now if this system used now,remove packing tape,i used brown cardboard dont know if colored would hurt or not,will use municipal mulch from city for 3 foot pathways its FREE!!may screen out finer mulch particles for mulch in my beds its aged in town waste area all fall n winter,probaly add a lil n to counter act breakdown of this compost itll rob u of n then give it back,im having a ball thinking all this out n trying to b frugal,my ag background is paying off dad would b proud!

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crewel2bkind(Z6 SEPA)

Regarding the search results, change the URL from "forums2" to "forum" to see any posts you'd like to read.

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