How to stop grass weeds from growing while dymondia taking root

dgrdinhDecember 15, 2013


I'm an absolute beginner and only started because I bought a house. I want to make a low maintenance garden and thought dymondia is a good ground cover choice for so-California. The previous lawn was not grass but some kind of creeping plant that likes a lot of water. I stopped watering for 3 months and removed all the dead plants. I am not a pro but from what I learned on the internet I would identify my soil is somewhere inbetween sandy and clay. I can't form a ball with the moist soil that sticks together, and it does not form ribbons if I squeeze it between my fingers. At the same time, it seems much more sticky than just plain sand when wet, although it is gritty. Any how, I planted dymondia just now (early December in so cal) and as I started watering bits a single leaf grass is popping up. I'm pretty sure if I don't do anything they will overgrow my dymondia, since they popup within days, and my dymondia doesn't seem to grow much...I hear it might take months. So...what do I do. Some one told me to use Round Up and don't spry the dymondia, is that the right approach. What happens if I get a bit of it on the dymondia, is the plant going to die?

Thanks, I am a total newb but I have big dreams for my piece of the planet! Thanks.

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Pull it when you see it. And keep pulling.

The time to use glyphosate would have been several months ago, when the plant you didn't want was growing and healthy. It's easiest to kill then.

What you probably did was put it into hibernation and now it's reviving.

To use an herbicide without killing the dymondia, get a bunch of big paper cups paper bags, or whatever is the right size for shields. Put the cups over the dymondia, spray the weeds, and an hour or so later, remove the cups. Save them for the next time.

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Ok thanks for the tip with the paper cups ill try that. What do you think of using newspaper to cover bare areas in between the dymondia. I can cut little holes in the newspaper and put it around the dymondia to serve as a shield fron the sun. I read about this now and heard I should have done this before planting my dymondia plugs. Do you think doing this after would help? I plan on both spraying and then trying this newspaper trick.

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