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triple_b(BC 5b)December 7, 2005

My children are good at not popping anything into their mouths that is growing outside, unless I give it to them (ie a cherry tomato). What I want to know is what plants are toxic to the point that they shouldn't even really be touching them, playing with them or picking bouqets (which they will inevitably do.) I am promising them lots of cutting flowers for next year. I know you shouldn't really touch datura without gloves, but what about Lily of the Valley? And others?

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gottagarden(z5 western NY)

Datura, monkshood, and castor bean are the ones that I've read are highly poisonous. A lot of other "toxic" plants may be bad for you, but a lot are irritants more than truly dangerous. I love angel's trumpet, but read that just a few seeds can be FATAL if ingested by children. So that one will have to wait until the kids are older.

I'd be interested to hear from others too which ones are truly to be omitted from the garden with young kids.

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