AeroGarden Never Used, For Kids,Educational.

floridabear(10b)December 28, 2007

I have 2 AeoGardens up and running, I dont know if this forum will allow me to try and sell anything. BUT I have a brand new one, in the box from the factory, a black AeroGarden, a hydroponic garden system! It comes with an herb seed kit. Kids can see how a seed sprouts, and grows and see where some of their food comes from. It is simple to put together, simple to run, cost only pennies a day to operate, and you can grow Tomatos, peppers, flowers, salad greens, over 22 different seed kits avaialble. I am selling this unit for ONLY $100. That is 1/2 the price of one from online or in a store!

I have 2 units growing tomatos and salad greens now. So I dont need a 3rd. This is educational for kids, and fun for adults. Plus you get to eat what you grow! No bugs, no dirt, no pesticides. Safe for kids. It operates on 2 full spectrum compact fluoresent bulbs, so it is 'green friendly',and has computerized growing settings. You can run the lights for up to 18 hours a day. They come on and go off all by themselves!

Kids will find it fasinating, adults will to, plus you can show kids how vegetables grow and you ALL can eat what you grow in about 1/3 the time of 'normal' planting of seeds into soil. Perfect for schoolrooms or your home for your child! First person to send me an email with a name, address, and a promise to send $100, plus shipping, by UPS, if not in Ft.laud, will get it. UPS shipping cost I think around $11.00, it weighs only 11 lbs! Think it over fast!

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HI, Sorry I don't need a aero garden. But I have a question for you. I got one for Christmas from my Husband, anyway, it smells like burning rubber. Is that because it's new? Or did I get a lemon? Patty

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